About the PA Partnership to Improve Dementia Care​

In the spring of 2012, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) announced the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes. The National Partnership’s goals are to improve dementia care in nursing facilities, particularly through improved approaches to behavioral healthcare and limited antipsychotic medication use.

In the short term, CMS hopes the National Partnership will reduce antipsychotic medication use by 15% at the national level. Long term goals are to improve application of behavioral approaches and assurance of appropriateness of ongoing usage of antipsychotic medications.

CMS reached out to stakeholders in each state in order promote the creation of partnerships at the state level. The state partnerships will promote the dissemination of education, training, and technical assistance.

While important stakeholders in Pennsylvania were identified to be part of the group, interested partnership leads were not immediately identified.

In the summer of 2012, Dr. David Nace and Dr. Jules Rosen were selected to assume leadership of the PA Partnership.

The Pennsylvania Partnership will work with CMS to reach its goals through several strategies:

  • Public reporting
  • Public awareness
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Technical assistance & training
  • Research

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