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Rehab Patient Success Stories

Karen's Story

Karen's rehabilitation success storyFollowing a total knee replacement Karen chose to do her physical therapy at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services because of the convenient location. Karen found the staff to be friendly and welcoming and she appreciated how her physical therapist took the time to explain all the exercises. After completing her physical therapy, Karen is now back to enjoying everyday activities that were difficult before: walking, taking the stairs, and riding her bike.

"My therapist, Mike, did a great job in helping me to understand the importance of therapy. Without him and the others in the office, I wouldn't be where I am today. They truly love their jobs and it shows."


John's Story

John's success storyJohn, a software engineer and consultant who likes to stay active, fell outside of his house leaving him with weakness in his left arm and aggravating an existing problem in his right shoulder. After a minor motor vehicle accident a few weeks later, John visited his doctor who referred him to physical therapy. John had previously worked with a therapist at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services after a knee surgery and he began working with this therapist again for his arm and shoulder.

His physical therapist was able to help reduce the shoulder pain and find the cause of John’s weakness, a compressed neck disk, and worked with him on fixing these problems. After a month of physical therapy, John had regained flexibility and strength, as well as improved his posture. Because John works at a desk for most of the day and likes to work out in his spare time, both of these things were important to getting him back to his daily routine. As a result of his successful therapy, John can enjoy many outdoor recreational activities with his wife Andrea, a Pharmacist at UPMC Mercy, and their two children.

“UPMC Centers for Rehab Services has proven to me once again that having a skilled PT specialist makes all the difference in the world, not to mention a great help in improving someone’s quality of life.”


Don's Story

Don's physical therapy storyDon had suffered from a mild case of vertigo for years. He had learned to live with it, but daily activities, such as sleeping, were still a nuisance. Don’s doctor recommended he try physical therapy.

During his time at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services, his physical therapist was able to show Don how he could manage the vertigo himself and put his equilibrium back in place. Don is now able to enjoy golfing, sleeping, and working without having to worry about the vertigo. 



Bill's Story

Bill's rehabilitation success storyAfter years of living with knee pain from arthritis, Bill scheduled an appointment with his orthopaedic surgeon. He learned that the cartilage in both of his knees was gone and decided to pursue two total knee replacements. Bill chose CRS for his rehabilitation because it was close and convenient to his home. He had a good experience after his first knee replacement, so following his second surgery, Bill chose to return to CRS.

After working with the friendly and knowledgeable staff during his appointments, Bill is back to biking and hiking regularly. He was able to complete his goal of biking 200 miles within the first three weeks of finishing physical therapy.

"On a scale of 1 to 5, it was a 6. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, my physical therapist, Renee, knows her stuff. I always knew what was expected."


Cheryl's Story

Cheryl's success story Cheryl, a retired UPMC nurse, was used to being active and on her feet; however, after going through chemo, she was left with numbness in her feet and balance issues. A former colleague recommended Cheryl try physical therapy focused on post-chemo symptoms. With a UPMC Centers for Rehab Services location close to home, Cheryl was able to work with her physical therapist two days a week to manage her symptoms and imbalance. By improving her strength, flexibility, and endurance, she has gained personal confidence.

"My physical therapist taught me exercises that you can do at home to continue improving; it gives you a sense of security."


Charles' Story

Charlie's physical therapy testimonia After years of living with lymphedema and seeing his primary care doctor, a vascular surgeon, and a specialist at the vascular lab, Charles was referred to UPMC Centers for Rehab Services (CRS) for physical therapy. Before beginning physical therapy, his legs and ankles were so swollen he was unable to find shoes that would fit. Charles appreciated how nice and friendly the entire CRS staff was and how his therapist was always positive and took the time to explain everything. During therapy, Charles worked on manageable goals and exercises. After just a few weeks, he began to see the swelling go down. Today, Charles has no significant swelling and is able to wear his shoes again. 


Jeff’s Story

Jeff's Physical Therapy StoryAfter multiple knee surgeries, Jeff was looking for the best physical therapy. As a long-time runner, it was important to Jeff to be able to run without knee pain. He chose UPMC Centers for Rehab Services at the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine so that he had access to same state-of-the art resources and expertise as many of our local sports teams. After completing his therapy, Jeff was able to begin running again — safely and comfortably.

“My therapist was great, it was convenient, and I loved the specialized equipment. They kept me motivated by changing things up and challenging me during our sessions. Together we charted my progress and I could see the results. “  


Suzie’s Story

Suzie's Rehab Success StoryFollowing her second knee surgery, Suzie chose to do her rehabilitation at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services. As an active person, she was eager to get back to biking, kayaking, and doing yoga, and the South Side location was just down the street. Suzie was newly engaged when she started her therapy, and she was bound and determined not to wear a big knee brace under her wedding gown. After achieving early goals, like being able to drive again, Suzie was able to start doing all of the activities she has always enjoyed — including wearing high heels and no knee brace at her wedding.

 “I always felt like they went above and beyond for me. Everyone took the time to walk me through things, answer my questions, and they didn’t make me feel like I was supposed to understand everything about therapy before I even started.”


Vicki’s Story

Vicki's Rehab StoryIn 2010, Vicki fell and injured her shoulder. Two weeks after surgery, she entered physical therapy at the UPMC Centers for Rehab Services location in Allison Park. The location (just a few minutes from her home) was always clean and comfortable, and she appreciated how committed the staff was to helping her schedule convenient appointments. Her therapist helped her to gather the clinical information from her physicians and surgeons, so that they could work together to meet her goals in the safest, most successful way possible.

Vicki and her husband, both faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh, had become active flat-water kayakers, so Vicki even brought her paddle to therapy, where they customized her strength training for the paddling motion.

“Because I had such a good experience, I always recommend CRS when I am talking to friends who are having knee, shoulder, ankle, or other problems. Even after my therapy was over, I continued to do the exercises that my therapist created for me, and now I can do regular strength training with both arms.”


Mary Beth’s Story

Mary Beth's Rehab Success StoryAs the mother of two young children and a daycare center director, Mary Beth needed to be active and pain-free as soon as possible after injuring the ligaments in her left ankle. When she was referred for physical therapy, she took the suggestions of close friends and family members and selected the UPMC Centers for Rehab Services location in Canonsburg — just five minutes from her home. After six weeks of therapy — two sessions per week — Mary Beth was feeling better, and had to wear a brace only for vigorous walking.

“This was my first serious injury, and I had a lot of concerns related to how successful the therapy would be, insurance copays, and child care. The therapists and employees at Centers for Rehab Services helped address all of my concerns so that I was comfortable and could concentrate on what I needed to do to get my ankle better.


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