Please view the following attendance policies at Shadyside School of Nursing:

Examination Attendance

Examinations are an important component of measuring student learning and achievement in nursing courses. Because examinations play an essential role in evaluative processes, students are expected to take examinations as scheduled by faculty. Failure to take examinations on scheduled days will result in lowering of exam grades and may affect the overall course grade. 


  1. A student not able to take an examination for any reason must notify the course faculty prior to the scheduled  time of the examination by leaving a voice mail message on the faculty telephone, speaking directly to the faculty member or sending an email.  Failure to notify the proper faculty member prior to the start of the examination will be viewed as a “no show, no notification” and will result in a “0” grade for that examination.
  2. The student must contact the faculty within 24 hours of returning to school to arrange a time for make-up examinations. The student will leave contact information for faculty at the time of notification of absence from the examination so faculty can contact the student for make-up examination.  The faculty member will determine the date and time of the make up examination.
  3. All examinations must be made up within five working days after return to school or the recorded exam grade will be “0”.
  4. Make up examinations are administered in the event of absence from a scheduled examination; however faculty may administer the make-up examination in other formats at their discretion (example; essay, oral).
  5. There will be a 7% reduction in examination grades for absence of scheduled examinations.  Should a student be absent for the scheduled make-up examination (date/time to be determined by the faculty member), the student will receive a “0” for that examination. 
  6. Should a student begin an examination and not be able to complete the examination, the student will need to complete a make up examination and will also receive a 7% reduction in the examination grade.
  7. A student arriving late for a scheduled examination may make up the examination with a 7% reduction in the examination grade or be permitted to take the examination in the remaining allotted time with no penalty.  In the event a student arrives late for the examination and would like to take the examination in the remaining allotted time, the student must let the instructor, who is administering the exam, know that he/she has arrived at the school and would like to take the examination at that time.  The student will not be given extra time to complete the examination.
  8. Specific testing guidelines exist for students in all 200 level courses (referred to in course syllabi as The Ticket to Test).  Students in N201, N202 and N203 are required to complete all pre-requisite class assignments/quizzes posted for each course before they will be permitted to sit for an examination.  A student must earn a Ticket to Test.  The details of the assignments are outlined in each course syllabus and on Moodle in addition to the Ticket to Test guidelines for this level.  A student failing to complete the pre-testing activities by the published due date, will not be permitted to test and will receive a “0” for that examination, without the opportunity to make up the test.  Should a student receive a “0” for failure to complete the assignments (no ticket to test earned), they may continue in the course as long as they can mathematically still pass the course without the missed examination points.
  9. In the event a student has received a subpoena to appear in court and/or is selected for jury duty, the student will need to meet with the Associate Director – Recruitment, Admissions, and Student Support Services or her designee to discuss the situation at hand on an individual basis.  The student must be able to provide a copy of the subpoena and/or court documents.
  10. In the event it has been determined that a student cannot pass a course mathematically, he/she will no longer be able to continue in that particular course (both theory and clinical) as this will be considered a failure.
  11. In the event a student is requesting a review of a test question, the “Request for Test Question Review” form must be utilized as per the steps outlined on the document.

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