Women’s Hospital Construction

With a ceremonial turn of the dirt on August 3, 2007, representatives from Hamot marked the official groundbreaking for the new Hamot Women’s Hospital. These photos show the progression of transforming the space that had been occupied by the former Behavioral Health building into the Women’s Hospital.

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Construction begins by digging down into the foundation of the old mental health building.

The first floor is erected.

The skeleton of the building is up during the winter.

UPMC Hamot executives sign the beam that will forever remain a part of the Women’s Hospital’s structure.

John Malone, UPMC Hamot president, signs the beam.

The view of the skeleton of the hospital from the parking lot across second street.

Some sides start to go up on the building.

Bricks and windows are added.

The covered walkway in the parking lot is starting to be formed.

West view of the building without bricks.

Inside the building with dirt floors.

Cement floors have been installed and wall frames are going up.

Tiled bathrooms are being built.

The walls are up and painted in soft yellows and greens for the maternity rooms.

Nursing stations are ready to be used.

Lobbies are taking shape with natural elements to evoke a sense of being on the peninsula.

Tubs are ready in the maternity rooms.

The main lobby is beginning to be formed inside the building.

The forest-like NICU is ready to be used.

The main lobby is almost complete with the water wall installed.

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