Your Geriatric Medicine Care Team

Older patients often have pre-existing conditions that can worsen during hospitalization. That's why we created the Acute Care and Transitions (ACT) Program at Magee-Women’s Hospital, part of the UPMC Division of Geriatric Medicine.

The ACT program is designed to help prevent mental and physical decline of older men and women.

It does so by ensuring that care is provided by a team of experts who work in partnership with your own physician. In addition to your primary care physician, our team includes geriatric physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers. Each team member is trained in the needs of older patients. This enables that they can detect new problems early, when they are easier to treat. More importantly, this approach helps to prevent new problems from ever occurring.

An important feature of our ACT Geriatric Team is that members meet regularly about your case, and communicate in a clear way with you, your family and your doctor about your care plan.

Getting the best medical care is an important part of healthy aging. At Magee, our team of caregivers specializes in treating older men and women. Experienced geriatricians, geriatric nurse practitioners, geriatric pharmacists, and geriatric social workers are among the specialists who work in partnership with your primary care physician to ensure complete and balanced care.

The Acute Care Transition (ACT) program at Magee:

  • Establishes a care model for both aged and chronically ill patients.
  • Integrates principles of three models of evidence-based care to promote better, safer, and more cost-efficient care for hospitalized older patients.
  • Is incorporated into the expert nursing and team care of our patients.

An important feature about our ACT program is that our experts meet about your case on a regular basis and communicate in a clear, consistent way with you, your family, and your doctor.

Our ACT team embraces a “total person” approach, evaluating your past illnesses in addition to your current health condition to come up with the right treatment plan for you.

About Your Care Team


Our geriatricians are physicians who are board-certified in either internal medicine or family practice medicine and who have an additional one to two years of training and board certification in geriatric medicine. They are specially trained to manage the unique and, oftentimes, multiple health concerns of older adults.


Our nurses are licensed professionals who play a critical role in delivering and monitoring your care. They assist physicians during treatments, administer medications, help coordinate the efforts of the health care team, and educate patients and families.

Nurse practitioners (NP)

Our nurse practitioners are nurses with advanced training. Our NPs are trained in gerontology and work in partnership with our geriatricians. They treat both physical and mental conditions. NPs also serve as a patient's "point of entry" into our program if immediate attention is needed.

Geriatric resource nurses

Nurses who have completed additional patient-centered training focused on developing the nursing and leadership skills needed to work with older adults in an acute care setting, and to advise other health care staff on bedside care.

Geriatric social workers

Professional social workers with advanced training and expertise in working with adults age 65 and over. They help find solutions for older adults and families that address the personal, social, and environmental challenges that come with aging. They assist families by gathering information about the array of services available to them, coordinating care across various health systems, facilitating family support, and providing direct counseling services.

Geriatric pharmacists

Pharmacists with advanced training who specialize in dispensing medication and counseling older patients about those medications. Preventing adverse reactions is a key goal of geriatric pharmacists. They assist geriatricians, older adults, and caregivers with the management of complex medication regimens and make suggestions to help optimize the financial resources spent by the patient on medications.

Geriatric physical therapists

Physical therapists with advanced training in working with older adults. Geriatric physical therapists work with you to improve mobility, restore strength, and coordinate your body movements. They help you to resume walking, learn how to use a wheelchair, or transfer from bed to chair. They also help the physician with physical assessment and treatment for balance and gait, if needed.

Learn more about our experts who fill these roles on Your Care Team.

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