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Geriatric Specialists at Magee Work Hand in Hand with our Patient’s Health Care Professionals

When you choose Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC as your partner for geriatric patient care, you have access to expert specialists trained to identify potential problems and manage the unique health conditions of older adults. Our geriatricians provide a coordinated care system for older men and women whose complex medical conditions often involve multiple health care providers.

Because we believe strongly that no one knows your patients as well as you do—and that your continued role in their care after hospitalization is critical—our goal is to serve as an available resource.

Similar to the way you might use a cardiologist in the care of a patient with CHF, we are happy to help in one of two ways: as a consultant or as the acute care provider. The goal of our Acute Care and Transitions (ACT) team is to help in any way that you would find most useful during the patient’s acute stay and to facilitate as effective a transition as possible.

We are generally most helpful for:

  • Patients over age 75, especially when their medical problems and medications may be interacting in ways that make it difficult to determine optimal management
  • Patients with a geriatric syndrome—such as delirium, dementia, falls, incontinence, apathy, or failure to thrive—that doesn’t fit neatly into a standard disease category
  • Patients who, despite everyone’s best efforts, are not responding as anticipated occasions when it would be helpful to get input on risks and benefits of a plan that would be more straightforward in a less complex or younger patient
  • Patients who could benefit from review of their complex medication regimen patients whose care is so complex and involves so many health care providers that an extra degree of care coordination would be useful
  • Advice on options for the next phase of care, whether home, institutional, or palliative

Our ACT Geriatric Team

Our geriatric specialists, your care team partners, know that quality care for multiple chronic conditions requires development and implementation of individualized, coordinated plans of care.

We diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and conditions that require a special approach when dealing with older adults. We blend our expertise with a holistic, patient-centered focus, giving special attention to situations unique to aging, including falls, incontinence, dementia, sensory impairment, and other cognitive and affective changes.

Our geriatric pharmacists are involved in each case to supervise the impact of multiple medications. The team also assists patients and their families in helping to locate programs and services that are geared to the needs of the elderly. This includes helping families decide when nursing home care is indicated, as well as palliative and end-of-life supportive services.

For more information or to refer a patient for geriatric care, please contact us at 412-692-2364.


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For more information or to refer a patient for geriatric care, please contact us at 412-692-2364.
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