Frequently Asked Questions About Your UPMC Bill

​Why wasn't ​my insurance carrier billed?

If your information is inaccurate or incomplete, we may not be able to bill your insurance carrier. Please review your insurance information at the time of registration.​

Did my insurance carrier pay for services?

​Any reimbursement from your insurance carrier will be reflected on your statement. In addition, your insurance carrier will send an explanation of benefits that details how your medical claim was processed and paid.

​Why didn't my insurance carrier pay for the services?

​If your claim is denied, you should contact your insurance carrier directly for an explanation about how your claim was processed. The provider should supply adequate information so you may have a clear understanding of your benefits and the limitations of your insurance coverage.

​Why am I getting a bill now, when services were provided so long ago?

UPMC will process and send a bill to a patient after payment is received from the insurance carrier and it is confirmed that the balance is owed by the patient. The length of this process depends on how long it takes to receive a response from your insurance carrier.

Why do I continue to receive bills? 

​A new account is created for each date of service and the bill may be for a different date of service. Also, your payment may not have posted to your account before the next statement was generated and mailed. To determine if there is a balance, contact Customer Service toll-free at 1-844-591-5949 or 412-864-0284.

​My insurance should have paid my bill. What should I do?

​Please verify that your insurance carrier has received and processed the claim. If the claim has not been processed, then carefully review your insurance policy or contact your insurance carrier to determine if the services and procedures are covered. Your insurance carrier will have the most accurate and up-to-date information about your policy and your claim. If your insurance company has questions, please direct them to contact Customer Service 1-844-591-5949 to verify that the most up-to-date insurance information is on file.

​My insurance coverage has changed. What should I do?​

To ensure prompt payment of your claim, please provide  UPMC with your most up-to-date insurance information. Always take your insurance card with you to medical appointments and make sure your health care providers have your current insurance information. If your insurance information has changed, you may send an e-mail to or complete the change of information form located on the back of your statement and mail it to:

UPMC Health Services
P.O. Box 371472
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7472

I have insurance. Why did I get a bill?​

As a courtesy to you, UPMC bills your insurance carrier directly for services rendered. The charges become your responsibility if your insurance carrier does not make payment. It is important that you provide accurate insurance information at the time of your medical appointment.

​How do I change the mailing address on my statement?

​To change an address, send an e-mail to or complete the change of information section on your statement and mail it to:

UPMC Health Services
P.O. Box 371472
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7472

Will my insurance pay for the charges that are listed on my statement?

The balance that appears on your statement represents all of your charges minus the payment we received from your insurance company. UPMC requests payment in-full for the patient balance that is printed on your statement. Payment is to be made within 10 days of receipt of the statement. Payment arrangements may be made by calling Customer Service toll-free at 1-844-591-5949 or 412-864-0284.

UPMC accepts most major credit cards, personal checks, and money orders. You may pay your bill online​ or mail your payment. Checks should be made payable to UPMC and mailed to:​

UPMC Health Services
P.O. Box 371472
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7472

Why am I receiving a bill before my insurance carrier made a payment? 

You may be billed for the amount of your co-pay that is due for the medical services you received. Two examples of these kinds of services are an emergency room visit or diagnostic services.​

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