Resources Related to the PA Partnership to Improve Dementia Care​

Below are a range of tools and resources for skilled nursing facilities to use in tracking, measuring, and monitoring the use of antipsychotic medications in their resident populations.

National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care Website

Tracking Tools

Included here are tools that nursing home providers can use to help track residents who are on antipsychotic medications.

Gradual Dose Reduction Tracking Tool

This tool can be used by facilities to document the gradual dose reduction process for residents receiving antipsychotic medications in their facility. 

Tool Difficulty Level: Basic.

This tool can be used by all facilities including those with limited resources and those with little experience with antipsychotic QAPI programs.

Advancing Excellence Campaign's Medication Tracking Tool

This is a more detailed tracking tool developed by the Advancing Excellence Campaign to assist facilities in tracking detailed information on antipsychotic use including the number of antipsychotic medications per resident, who is prescribing the medications, dosages used, etc. 

Tool Difficulty Level: Advanced.

This tool is designed to be used by facilities with more advanced antipsychotic QAPI programs. Facility providers will need to have some skill with entering data into spreadsheets.

>>Learn more or request a copy of the medication tracking tool.

Sample Policies and Procedures

Included here are sample policies and procedures for use by nursing facility providers.

Policy Procedure for Dementia Residents on Antipsychotic Medications

This is a sample policy and procedure pertaining to the use of antipsychotic medications in residents with dementia.
Tool Difficulty Level: Basic
This tool can be used by all facilities including those with limited resources and those with limited experience with antipsychotic QAPI programs.

Helpful Links

Included here are links to a number of sites containing helpful materials and training opportunities.

Promoting Positive Behavioral Health: A Non-pharmacologic Toolkit for Senior Living Communities

This site provides useful information and tools regarding non-pharmacologic approaches to residents experiencing dementia related behaviors.

AMDA Dementia Care Training Series

AMDA: The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine has developed a free 5 hour online training program for nursing home providers. There are two separate modules: one for prescribing clinicians and another for non-prescribing clinicians.

CMS Surveyor Training Videos: Improving Dementia Care and Reducing Unnecessary Antipsychotic Medications in Nursing Homes

The CMS Survey and Certification Group has developed a series of online training videos for surveyors. These training sessions are available to nursing facility providers as well and provide an important look at the nursing home survey process.

CMS Hand In Hand Toolkit

This website provides a high quality training program emphasizing person-centered care in the care of persons with dementia and the prevention of abuse.

Other Resources


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