Physical Examinations

Physical examinations we offer at HAPPI:

Post-Offer Physical Examinations

A comprehensive physical exam can provide employers with invaluable information when trying to determine if a new hire’s physical and mental ability match the essential job functions.

At HAPPI, we start by asking the employee to complete a thorough medical and occupational history. The examining provider will review the history with the employee and perform a comprehensive physical exam with special consideration given to the musculoskeletal evaluation.

Our providers pay careful attention to all prior surgeries and injuries to determine if the employee can perform job functions fully and safely.

If necessary, our doctor can also:

  • Request additional medical records to further evaluate fitness-for-duty.
  • Recommend other tests to help ensure that you hire the candidate who is the best fit for the job.

HAPPI can also customize exams to address an employer’s specific physical lifting requirements and individual needs.

Contact us at 724-772-5400 for more information.

Health and wellness counseling

In addition to determining fitness for the job, every individual who has a physical exam at HAPPI will receive health and wellness counseling.

We believe this is value-added service will help:

  • Prevent work-related injuries.
  • Lessen absence from work.
  • Reduce group health and pharmacy benefit expenses.

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Medical Surveillance Examinations

A medical surveillance exam evaluates the health of your employees related to their potential occupational exposures to hazardous agents.

HAPPI tailors these exams to meet the unique needs of your organization and to keep you in compliance with applicable regulatory standards.

Employees complete a comprehensive occupational health and medical history form. A licensed health care provider, trained and experienced in medical surveillance evaluations, will then conduct a physical exam.

Following the exam, our doctor will:

  • Order additional diagnostic testing based on occupational exposures and regulatory requirements.
  • Counsel employees about safe work practices and their general health and wellness.
  • Report results of the exam the employee and the employer, in compliance with specific regulations or employer protocol.

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Fitness for Duty Examinations

Employees must be physically and mentally fit for duty whenever they enter the workplace. When returning to work after a non work-related injury or illness, a fitness for duty exam will determine whether recovery is sufficient for a safe return to the workplace.

HAPPI's medical providers will:

  • Perform a comprehensive medical history.
  • Conduct a physical exam with special evaluation of the cause of the employee’s work absence.
  • Review relevant medical records and job duty requirements.

Fitness for duty may also be an issue for employees who are currently working and having performance issues.

A fitness for duty evaluation with HAPPI's Medical Director may be necessary when employers suspect that medical, psychological, or substance abuse problems are the cause of an employee's performance issues on the job.

Our medical director:

  • Will review the employee's relevant medical records.
  • Might advise an additional medical evaluation.
  • May call the employee's personal physician to discuss fitness for duty issues.

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Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

An impartial physician at HAPPI performs IMEs, often for providing an expert opinion related to an occupational or, occasionally, a non-occupational injury or illness associated with disability.

IME examiners provide expert opinions and answer questions about an employee's:

  • Diagnosis
  • Causation
  • Appropriateness of medical care
  • Work abilities
  • Need for ongoing medical treatment
  • Maximal medical improvement (MMI)

The evaluation typically includes:

  • An in-depth review of all prior medical records.
  • A detailed medical and occupational history
  • A focused physical exam.

The IME examiner always includes an assessment of impairment, similar to the procedures in the AMA Guides® for impairment and disability assessment.

The examiner will detail the findings in a comprehensive report and address any questions by the requesting party.

To learn more about physical exams or to make an appointment at HAPPI, call

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