Life changing is... a compassionate pandemic response


UPMC responds with commitment and passion in any crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic was no exception. We researched, planned, and executed innovative and effective ways to keep patients, staff, and communities safe. Across Pennsylvania, and stretching into New York and Maryland, UPMC hospitals, clinical facilities, and frontline caregivers rose to the challenge to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families in underserved communities throughout the region by delivering exceptional care and vaccinations.

Administering Vaccines

UPMC is proud to partner with community organizations to offer convenient and accessible COVID-19 vaccine clinics in locations where community members feel comfortable.

COVID vaccine being given

Protecting Vulnerable Populations

UPMC hospitals are offering vaccination clinics in underserved communities and UPMC staff members are volunteering their time and expertise to ensure the most vulnerable populations are protected from the virus. In addition, UPMC expanded telemedicine capabilities to enable patients to receive care from the safety of their homes, and UPMC hospitals adapted programs to allow community members to access health education, support, and resources through webinars, virtual discussions, and social media platforms.

Serving as a Source of Clinical and Scientific Expertise

Since March 2020, UPMC leaders provided critical information about COVID-19 to the community, educating the public on topics such as the importance of vaccination and mask wearing, as well as providing guidance to help Pennsylvanians emerge from the health crisis.

UPMC helped define clinical protocols worldwide
#1 in Pennsylvania in the delivery of monoclonal antibody treatments