Altoona, Bedford, Somerset and Western Maryland

Welcoming Patient-Centered Care to New Communities

UPMC is supporting the health and wellbeing of our region, providing patient-centered health care from Altoona to Everett, and from Somerset to Cumberland, Maryland.

Over the past year, UPMC Somerset and UPMC Western Maryland joined the network of UPMC hospitals, ensuring high-quality patient care in their communities for generations to come.

UPMC Somerset

UPMC Somerset

UPMC Somerset is strengthening its ability to meet the needs of the communities it cares for and expanding access to high-quality, affordable services, including rural primary care, behavioral health services, and drug and alcohol programs. With UPMC Somerset's full affiliation in February 2019, UPMC is investing $45 million over 10 years to enhance services and upgrade facilities. Initiatives include establishing a multi-specialty consultation program, adding a new primary care center, and recruiting and retaining outstanding medical staff.

Western MarylandUPMC Western Maryland

Becoming a part of UPMC in February 2020, UPMC Western Maryland is enhancing health care services, leveraging UPMC's innovation and clinical expertise, improving its ability to recruit top doctors, and continuing to deliver compassionate care to patients throughout Allegheny and Garrett counties, and the surrounding region. UPMC is investing $90 million over five years in capital expenditures and clinical program enhancements.

Supporting our vulnerable neighbors

Addressing Community Health Needs

To provide residents of central Pennsylvania and western Maryland with the best possible health care, we extend services well beyond the walls of our UPMC hospitals.

Responding With Behavioral Health Services

UPMC Altoona's Mobile Crisis Team travels throughout Blair County to deliver critical mental health care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With behavioral health care identified as one of the most significant community health needs both across the UPMC system and in Blair County, the Mobile Crisis Team is helping individuals and families connect with the care they require. Counselors respond to crises in the community, such as police calls, death, and suicides, and meet with family members and patients to offer support, provide access to resources, and perform mobile crisis assessments. They also work directly with individuals to do personal assessments, customize treatment plans, and bridge the gaps between the patient and high quality, timely care options.

Offering Resources for Diabetes Wellness

Image of nurse with patient

UPMC Health Plan has created an innovative, holistic approach to help members manage diabetes and live more active, vibrant lives. Through reduced prescription copays and personalized, evidence-based disease management programs, members can now work with an integrated team of health care professionals to develop a personalized plan that builds knowledge and provides the support they need to better manage their diabetes.

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Bedford, Blair, and Somerset counties

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