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Second Year Family Medicine Residents at UPMC Williamsport

Olivia Fladmark, MD

Olivia Fladmark, MD

Undergrad: Dickinson College
Medical School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University

Personal Information: I’m an only child, born and raised in the Susquehanna Valley in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. After I graduated from college, I moved with my high school sweetheart, now husband, to Washington D.C. where he began his career in architectural engineering and I worked as a medical assistant for a gastroenterologist. In my next big city move I traded in my Metro card for SEPTA tokens and spent two years of med school in Philly before returning again to central Pennsylvania for clinical rotations. My husband and I are thrilled to be close to home and family again. Although we love to travel as often possible, we can’t get enough of the central PA fresh air. These days you can often find me puttering around my vegetable garden or in the orchard of apple, pear, and cherry trees we’ve recently planted.

Why Family Medicine: From the very start of med school I had pictured myself as a family physician. Although I loved many of my rotations working with specialists throughout my training, I kept coming back to family medicine because I firmly believe that the key to good, effective healthcare is a foundation of preventative care built on strong doctor-patient relationships. With this goal in mind, the philosophy of family medicine suited me perfectly, and I wanted to surround myself with and train with people who also share this mentality and dedication to quality patient care.

Why Williamsport: It feels like kismet to have a residency program that checks all the boxes in such a great location. I needed a supportive program with high-quality broad-spectrum training, but was really looking for a good group of colleagues and mentors. As I continued to meet more and more of the residency program team, I knew I had found the right fit! My husband and I have always loved the area as a nearby cultural hotspot, and we are incredibly grateful to be close to our hometown, our families, and his family business. I grew up going to concerts and restaurants in Williamsport and playing against the Millionaires in soccer matches. I’m looking forward to further exploring the area and can’t wait to get to know this community better!

Nicholas Gorski, DO

Nicholas Gorski, DO

Undergrad: Bard College
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (Seton Hill)

Personal Information: I am blessed with a wonderful family including parents, a sister, a loving significant other, and two adorable pets. I am also a fan of sports and the arts. I try to play soccer as often as possible and root for all the Philadelphia major league sports teams. I also enjoy working on a variety of artistic endeavors including drawing, painting and photography. In my free time I can be found enjoying nice weather and the great outdoors or engrossed in a science fiction book.

Why Family Medicine: For me the most important part of medical care is being able to communicate with my patient. I believe that only through listening and truly understanding a patient’s perspective and situation can the best care be given. Meaningful relationships develop over time and family medicine affords doctors and their patients this kind of connection. In addition I value the role that primary care physicians have in serving and supporting underserved communities, which is important to my morals and beliefs.

Why Williamsport: Williamsport combines the beautiful environment and outdoor activities of rural Pennsylvania with a smaller but still exciting, urban environment with plenty of interesting activities to enjoy. The city and surrounding area is full of friendly and unique individuals, and very fortunately is home to friends and family of my own. Furthermore I knew from my first interview that UPMC Williamsport's family medicine program was the right fit for me because it is an unopposed program that emphasizes a strong and friendly community atmosphere. After meeting the warm and open residents and faculty, I was sure that here I could build the foundation I need to become the best doctor I can be.

Michael Harvey, MD

Michael Harvey, MD

Undergrad: Oklahoma State University
Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Personal Information: My hometown is Owasso, Oklahoma. For undergrad I went to OSU to study wilderness ecology and be a bachelor. Instead, I completed medical school pre-requisites and met my wife. I enjoy being outdoors hiking, birding or deer hunting, and now also spend considerable time teaching my son about Pokémon. When I’m feeling creative, I dive into woodworking projects well beyond my skill level while blasting Styx in the garage.

Why Family Medicine: Due to a diverse range of interests and hobbies I identify as a jack-of-all-trades. This tendency extends also to my interests in medicine. FM offers the opportunity to train broadly and learn a diverse set of skills that can be customized to a practice style of your choosing. For me, that practice style will include rural medicine, community health, and OBGYN. Additionally, FM offers quality patient relationships through long-term continuity and desirable work/life balance.

Why Williamsport: As Oklahoma natives, Pennsylvania is a big change for my family and me. A handful of factors ultimately lead us to come here. I sought broad-spectrum training that would best facilitate my career goals and my family needed a place that would provide opportunities to pursue their own interests. Williamsport provided both of these. The tipping point was the UPMC Williamsport family. They create an environment that is supportive and family friendly. This was very appealing to my wife and I, and we left our second look weekend both knowing this was where we wanted to be.

Craig Tuller, MD

Craig Tuller, MD

Undergrad: Bucknell University
Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Personal Information: I was born and (mostly) raised right here in Williamsport, graduating from Montoursville High and staying nearby to study chemistry and English at Bucknell University. I left Pennsylvania temporarily to work at a community health organization in rural Uganda, but soon returned to complete my medical education in Philadelphia. In my free time, I’m usually out on a long trail run or lost in a book.

Why Family Medicine: I entered medical school with a passion for nutrition, preventive medicine, and lifestyle-based management of chronic disease. My experiences in medical school broadened my interests to include pediatrics, obstetrics, behavioral health, and sports medicine - all of which fit squarely under the umbrella of full-spectrum primary care. With so many of my interests housed within family medicine, I can hardly imagine myself doing anything else.

Why Williamsport: Williamsport is home for me. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to return to the area and complete my medical training in the company of my family, friends, and the community that has supported me up to this point!

Enoch Tse, MD

Enoch Tse, MD

Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh
Medical School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Personal Information: Born and raised in Hong Kong, my family made the move to the suburbs of Pittsburgh in my teenage years. I have since called Pennsylvania home for the past decade. I enjoy traveling and seeing as much of the world as possible in my free time. I also love photography and playing the piano.

Why Family Medicine: It’s the one specialty of medicine that has repeatedly taught me to treat patients as humans first, and everything else second. The focus on continuity of care combines my love for people and for medicine, and the well-rounded nature of a broad scope of practice keeps me motivated, stimulated, and engaged.

Why Williamsport: I trained in central PA for much of my clinical education, and I absolutely enjoyed working with the patient population. Williamsport has plenty to do, while offering the tranquility I escaped the city for! I got introduced to the Williamsport Family Medicine program in Kansas City at the AAFP National Conference, and was drawn by the passion and friendliness of the faculty and residents. The atmosphere and camaraderie of the program only confirmed it to be the perfect fit for me.

Rebecca Rickard, DO

Rebecca Rickard, DOUndergrad: Pennsylvania State University
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Information: My journey to family medicine started back in college when I had a 2-week experience in a primary care program. I found that I loved the variety and continuity of care. Throughout medical school I found that I continued to love every rotation, but especially enjoyed my OB, pediatric, and family rotations. I had a tough time deciding between OB and family medicine during the application process, but eventually concluded that I could have the best of both worlds in family medicine. In addition, the strong connections I could make with patients and entire families throughout their lives was another pull towards family medicine.

Why Family Medicine: Simply put, I wanted to be a jack-of-all-trades. I always looked up to the physicians that could treat nearly any condition while also forming a sincere connection with patients. I’m passionate for providing care to the underserved, and found that the broad knowledge base of Family Medicine is a cornerstone to caring for patients in resource-limited settings. I enjoy getting to know patients at a deeper level while guiding them through the happiest, saddest, and toughest times of their lives.

Why Williamsport: I wanted to train at a program that was both unopposed and full spectrum. These were two important qualities to me because I felt that would prepare me for a career as a family physician in a rural area. My first impression of the program came from my interview experience. I remember leaving that day thinking ‘Wow! Everyone is so genuinely kind and welcoming.’ Everyone I came across was so happy to talk about why they love the program and Williamsport. The community of Williamsport provides a small town feel with the amenities of a larger town. One of my favorite spots downtown to hang out in is Alabaster Coffee. The space is inviting, and the coffee is top notch. Williamsport provided me a place on a personal level where I knew I would thrive as I am near family and friends. Plus, being surrounded by beautiful mountains and scenery makes my outdoor-loving self very happy.

Hannah Vélez, DO

Hannah Vélez, DO

Undergrad: West Chester University Honors College
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Information: I am very passionate about art and minored in studio art in undergrad. My favorites include drawing, painting, and sculpting, and I love applying these to homemade gifts!

Why Family Medicine: The variety within Family Medicine always keeps things interesting. You can tailor your experience to fit your interests and learn skills that make it possible to work in any environment or clinical setting. Some of my favorites include procedures, OMM, and patient counseling.

Why Williamsport: I was looking for a well-established program with strong academics and an even stronger community. When I came to Williamsport, I immediately felt a connection to the program and the people, and I knew that warm and supportive environment was what I needed to grow into the physician I am meant to be.