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Third Year Family Medicine Residents at UPMC Williamsport

Cameron Glagola, DO

Cameron Glagola, DO

Undergrad: Washington and Jefferson College
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Information: I was born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. I enjoy being outside every chance I have. My wife and adventure mutt love hiking, camping, biking, fly fishing, kayaking, and traveling. I also recently took up woodworking and specialize in building live-edge furniture.

Why Family Medicine: My first employer called me a “Jack-of-all-trades,” as I enjoy working on a little bit of everything and love to work with my hands. Another passion of mine is connecting with patients, working with them to achieve their health goals, and providing preventative and acute care throughout the course of their lives. Family Medicine provides me with the close patient interaction I enjoy, as well as the hands-on environment to pursue my variety of interests including pediatrics, OB/GYN, dermatology, palliative care, and addiction medicine.

Why Williamsport: I not only immediately connected with the faculty and residents, but the strong yet supportive educational environment that they created was exactly what I was looking for. I was also interested in an unopposed family medicine residency with strong OB training. To top it off, the ability to get to pristine natural areas and come home to a lively town made Williamsport the perfect fit!

Krista Lazar, MD

Krista Lazar, MD

Undergrad: Temple University and Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)
Medical School: University of Science, Arts, and Technology (Montserrat)

Personal Information: I started my career as a Physician Assistant in Cardiac and Robotic Surgery. My love for learning and medicine fueled my decision (with the support from my husband and children) to further my education and go to medical school. My favorite things to do include playing with my kids, spending time with family and friends, going on beach vacations, and skiing.

Why Family Medicine: Although I enjoyed assisting in surgery as a PA, I felt limited in my opportunity to establish relationships with my patients. I wanted to be involved in all aspects of patient care in addition to supporting my patients through all walks of life. I enjoy caring for the pediatric population and have interests in OB as well as psychiatry and dermatology.

Why Williamsport: Williamsport is a great place to raise a family, with many opportunities for my children to be involved in sports, music, theater, art, and church activities. On the day of my interview I knew this was the place I wanted to be, the staff and residents made me feel welcome immediately. It was very clear from the start that this was the perfect program for me to fulfill my personal, family, and professional goals.

Zuma Speakman, DO

Undergrad: Miami University
Medical School: A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona

Personal Information: I was born and raised in Lancaster, OH where I met my husband, Matt. We spent the last four years in Arizona and exploring the western states while I attended medical school. We have two dogs that consume much of our attention, a boxer named Leeroy and a pitty mix named Mistletoe. In my free time, I enjoy getting outside, hiking, and camping with friends. I am looking forward to exploring all of the beauty that central PA has to offer.

Why Family Medicine: Growing up in a smaller city, I was accustomed to doctors who took care of my whole family. When I envisioned being a doctor, this is what I always thought of. Throughout medical school and with each primary care rotation, I realized that continuity of care and establishing relationships with patients was something I thoroughly enjoyed. Because I loved many rotations including pediatrics, obstetrics, and internal medicine, I knew that family medicine was the right fit all along.

Why Williamsport: When I started the search for residency training, I was looking for an unopposed program where I could learn full spectrum medicine including OB that also embraced osteopathic principles. I had the opportunity to complete a rotation here in Williamsport and discovered that the program not only had everything I was looking for but also had such motivated teachers among the senior residents and faculty. I am excited to be training in such a supportive and engaging environment.

Todd Kruse, DO

Todd Kruse, DO

Undergrad: Michigan State University
Medical School: Midwestern University - Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Information: I grew up on a small lake in Michigan, so naturally I love all types of water sports and outdoor activities. I continued that love in college by rowing competitively all four years. For med school, I decided to venture away from the beautiful scenery of Michigan to explore living in the big city of Chicago. City life wasn’t entirely for me, but Chicago is where I met my beautiful wife Ashley (she’s at Geisinger now for her Peds Residency), where we adopted our first rescue dog Daisy, and where I found a church home that helped me put my faith back in the center of my life, for which I give credit to my wonderful marriage and getting through all the ups and downs of medical training.

Why Family Medicine: I’ve always wanted to be on the front lines of primary care. My goal is to build healthy communities that promote wellness in an effort to push back against the “chronic diseases” that have become the norm for many people. Family medicine allows me the scope of practice to reach every patient population and the flexibility to work in a variety of settings depending on where life takes me.

Why Williamsport: I was looking for a program that had strong OB and inpatient training, an osteopathic curriculum, global health opportunities, and a connection to the community. Williamsport Family Medicine was one of only a few programs that checked every box with great residents and faculty mentors to back it up. Plus I’m excited to show Ashley and Daisy the wonderful, slower paced life of living in a smaller town with tons of nature to explore.

Julianne Elizabeth Barrett, DO

Julianne Elizabeth Barrett, DO

Undergrad: Rutgers University
Medical School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Information: I grew up in a small town in Whippany, NJ with my parents and my older sister. Some of my favorite things to do include discovering hidden small-town coffee shops and eateries, gardening, baking (especially making gluten free goodies!), photography, singing, crabbing at the New Jersey Shore, hiking, and kayaking. I enjoy road trips and experiencing the aspects which make each place unique. I also have a love for all animals, for dancing, and for enjoying the simple things in life.

Why Family Medicine: Family Medicine is a field which allows for making a meaningful connection between physicians and their patients. It helps nurture growth and healing from before birth, to childhood, through adulthood, and during aging. Family Medicine physicians can be the first line defense systems against illness, can be the coach and educator for healthy practice, and can be the cheering section for small steps toward positive change. The unique ability to be the “Jack of All Trades” makes family medicine a pinnacle player in the medical world, by its opportunity to advocate for overall health in the most diverse population of patients.

Why Williamsport: During my 4th year in medical school, I had the opportunity to enjoy a family medicine rotation at Williamsport. The amount of support, teamwork, positivity, and encouragement for greater learning made this program a top choice for what I was looking for in a residency. This Family Medicine program also allows for comprehensive training in multiple fields including OB/GYN, Pediatrics/neonatal care, Dermatology, and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, all of which are areas of interest for me. And the beautiful view of the mountains on my way to clinic was a total bonus!

Crystal Piras, DO

Crystal Piras, DO

Undergrad: Kenyon College
Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Information: I was born and raised in a rural community in Northeast Ohio on a small farm with an older sister and younger brother. Besides loving animals, I enjoy exploring the outdoors through hiking or on my standup paddleboard with my dogs, Toulouse and Pearl. I am a big sports fan and enjoy both watching and playing sports, OH-IO. To relax, I enjoy knitting, reading, crafting, and cross stitch. My favorite times are spent with family, especially my nieces and nephew.

Why Family Medicine: I have aspired to practice family medicine since my early collegiate years because of the connections formed between physician, patient, and family. In family medicine I act as a confidant, cheerleader, educator, teammate, and health promoter watching a patient be born, learn to walk and talk, grow through childhood, enter those frightful teenage years, become an adult, encounter hardships, and celebrate victories. Having this opportunity to follow a patient throughout life is very humbling and heartwarming to me. Besides the relationships formed with patients, I enjoy that family medicine is always different. I see many different patients with different ailments and can perform procedures and practice osteopathic manipulative medicine all in the same day.

Why Williamsport: I first visited Williamsport during a two-week OB rotation my fourth year of medical school. After completing the rotation, I fell in love with both the residency program and the city. The residents and faculty were all very welcoming and caring. I truly felt like I was catching up with old friends or family. The opportunity to train in a program that teaches full spectrum family medicine with women’s health, obstetrics, behavioral health, procedures, among many other things was one I could not pass up. I remember looking out the windows in the prenatal clinic at the surrounding mountains thinking this is the place for me.

Kenneth Bazydlo, MD

Kenneth Bazydlo, MD

Undergrad: Saint Louis University
Medical School: Saint Louis University

Personal Information: I grew up in Cleveland, OH then spent the last 8 years in St. Louis, MO for my undergraduate and medical school training. Most of my family still lives in the Cleveland area, with the exception of my younger brother who lives in Madison, WI. Our two sons were born during residency, so most of my free time is spent with my sons, wife, and dog. Outside of trying to keep up with them, I enjoy playing hockey, cycling, and reading.

Why Family Medicine: Simply put, I wanted to be a jack-of-all-trades. I always looked up to the physicians that could treat nearly any condition while also forming a sincere connection with patients. I’m passionate for providing care to the underserved, and found that the broad knowledge base of Family Medicine is a cornerstone to caring for patients in resource-limited settings. I enjoy getting to know patients at a deeper level while guiding them through the happiest, saddest, and toughest times of their lives.

Why Williamsport: I found Williamsport by chance at the AAFP national conference, but the program quickly jumped to the top of my list as I learned more about the residency. I was looking for a program that balanced academics with hands-on experience. Williamsport fits this bill perfectly through a truly unopposed model combined with the resources of an academic institution. The broad-spectrum focus lines up with my mission to provide comprehensive care to the underserved. All of the stats and details of the curriculum were great, but I was really sold on Williamsport because of the people. I repeatedly saw both residents and attendings that were passionate about Family Medicine, yet also welcoming and down-to-earth. Since moving here, I’ve experienced full scope medicine and have truly enjoyed the opportunity to work in a rural community.