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Children's Health Fair

The Children’s Health Fair is a long-standing educational event that was designed for third graders to learn how to live healthy lifestyles. This learning event is now available to the Cumberland and Perry County school districts. This year’s event will be sponsored by the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation.

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions, the 2021 Children's Health Fair has been adapted as a virtual event. This program teaches age appropriate lessons based on the theme "Healthy is Happy" to third graders. The video sessions give children the chance to see, hear and learn information on building self-esteem, promoting positive relationships, prompting children to consider health career options and inspire them to choose healthy lifestyles.

Throughout the Children’s Health Fair, students will view learning stations virtually by accessing a series of modules online every 2 weeks. Students are encouraged to watch the seven video series, each video is approximately 15 minutes long.

Learning Stations

  • Learning Station #1 Healthy is eating nutritious foods.
  • Learning Station #2 Healthy is avoiding substances harmful to your body.
  • Learning Station #3 Healthy is helping understand hospital tests.
  • Learning Station #4 Healthy is helping others.
  • Learning Station #5 Healthy is learning about your body.
  • Learning Station #6 Healthy is finding help when you need it.
  • Learning Station #7 Healthy is protecting your hearing.
  • Learning Station #8 Healthy is breathing clean air.
  • Learning Station #9 Healthy is feeling secure in the hospital.
  • Learning Station #10 Healthy is a cavity-free smile.
  • Learning Station #11 Healthy is staying safe on the internet.
  • Learning Station #12 Healthy is getting your body moving & blood pumping.
  • Learning Station #13 Healthy is having a mindful body.

Learning Stations Videos

Additional Resources

Children's Health Fair Activity Book (PDF)

Children's Health Fair Kindness Catcher (PDF)

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