Our patients are the driving force behind evert breakthrough we make.
Our patients are the driving force behind evert breakthrough we make.

Our Stories

Patients, families, friends, employees – UPMC's greatest strength is our people. These are our stories.

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Erin smiles enthusiastically while holding an infant. They are both happy. Erin wears a purple shirt, and the infant wears a blue onesie.

Meet Erin

Treated for high-risk pregnancies. 
Erin's story.

Meet Jordan Image

Meet Jordan

Treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
Jordan's story.

Charlene sits outside. She wears a white shirt with a yellow undershirt. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a necklace.

Meet Charlene

Traveled from Florida for heart surgery.
Charlene's story.

Dale wears a blue t-shirt and a gray collared shirt. He sits in a garage.

Meet Dale

Traveled from Charlotte for concussion treatment.
Dale's story.

Meet Daniel Image

Meet Daniel

Received a kidney transplant.
Daniel's story.


Meet DeAnna

Received life-changing bariatric surgery.
Deanna's story.

Meet Donald Image

Meet Donald

Received spine surgery.
Donald's story.

Meet Gerri Image

Meet Gerri

Received sickle cell care.
Gerri's story.

Meet Donna Image

Meet Donna

Traveled from Buffalo to treat her asthma.
Donna's story.

Meet Edie Image

Meet Edie

Received a heart valve replacement.
Edie's story.

Meet Elissa Image

Meet Elissa

Received breast cancer treatment.
Elissa's story.

Meet Brother Shamus Image

Meet Brother Shamus

Received cancer treatment.
Brother Shamus' Story.

Meet Gary and Bob Image

Meet Gary and Bob

Received a living-donor liver transplant.
Gary's story.

Meet Kati Image

Meet Kati

Treated for knee injury. 
Kati's story.

Meet Eddie Image

Meet Eddie

Treated for brain tumor.
Eddie's story.

Meet Greg Image

Meet Greg

Traveled from Florida for shoulder injury treatment.
Greg's story.

Meet Heather Image

Meet Heather

Treated for a brain hemorrhage.
Heather's story.

Meet Jay Image

Meet Jay

Received a double lung transplant.
Jay's story.

Jerry smiles and looks away from the camera while strumming an acoustic guitar. He wears a tan shirt with a black t-shirt beneath. He has gray hair and wears glasses.

Meet Jerry

Received a living-donor liver transplant.
Jerry's story.

Meet Jonathan Image

Meet Jon

Traveled from Cincinnati for a six organ transplant.
Jon's story.

Meet Eric Image

Meet Eric

Received cancer treatment.
Eric's story.

Meet Carolyn Image

Meet Carolyn

Received overian cancer treatment.
Carolyn's story.

Meet Kent Image

Meet Kent

Treated with open heart surgery.
Kent's story.

Meet Liz

Meet Liz

Received a heart and double lung transplant.
Liz's story.