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Kent's Story

Kent knew he suffered from a mitral valve issue. But he did not realize until a trip to the ER that his heart issue had lapsed into an infection which attacked his weakened mitral valve. After months of night sweats, weight loss, and major fatigue, the doctors at UPMC Passavant found the mitral valve failure after an echocardiogram.

In his mid-forties, the husband and father of two was scared by the idea of open heart surgery to repair his valve.

"The amazing thing literally is as challenging as that surgery was I was literally up and out of bed the next day. And frankly, thanks to the folks in the UPMC Passavant and ER. They were very encouraging, very positive. I think it really was one of the major reasons as far as for my being able to get back on my feet as quickly as I was."

Kent was back home less than a week after his surgery, and back to work after two weeks. And about a month after his surgery, he was back on his mountain bike – something he'd been longing to get back to.

"The UPMC team at Passavant wanted to make sure that this [my story] had a happy ending."


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