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UPMC Center for Advanced Robotics Training

The UPMC Center for Advanced Robotics Training (CART) features proctorship and mentorship for surgeons seeking to enhance their skills in robotic surgery. Training programs are currently offered in ENT surgery, surgical oncology, and thoracic surgery.

With guidance from leading UPMC surgeons and resources for ongoing quality assurance, CART provides participants with direction to initiate and optimize robotic surgery programs in their own hospitals.

The center's surgeons:

  • Engage in conferences and proctorships around the world.
  • Are active in the research and use of robotic systems.
  • Have years of experience in implementing robotic surgery programs.

CART's personalized approach helps reduce learning curves and supports high-quality, cost-efficient outcomes for participating surgeons and their teams.

About Robotic Surgery at UPMC

  • UPMC has one of the largest centers for robotic-assisted surgery in the United States.
  • Over the past five years, UPMC surgeons have performed more than 6,000 robotic surgical procedures across various clinical specialties.
  • UPMC surgeons are ongoing contributors to optimizing robotic surgery techniques. And they engage in peer-reviewed research, training models, and internal development of quality metrics.

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