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Student Leaning Outcomes of the UPMC St. Margaret School of Nursing

End of Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. A competent graduate nurse begins to incorporate best evidence into entry-level nursing practice, while considering patient and family preferences, values and beliefs. (Evidence Based Practice)
  2. A competent graduate nurse is able to execute a holistic interprofessional patient centered plan of care. (Patient Centered –Care)
  3. A competent graduate nurse collaborates effectively by promoting open communication and shared decision making with the health care team. (Teamwork and Collaboration)
  4. A competent graduate nurse utilizes information and technology resources as a means to access and relay information, prevent error, and facilitate clinical decision making. (Informatics)
  5. A competent graduate nurse minimizes the risk of harm to patients and providers through teamwork, communication, and engagement using appropriate standards of nursing care. (Safety)
  6. A competent graduate nurse utilizes data to recommend strategies to improve the quality and safety of healthcare outcomes. (Quality Improvement)
  7. A competent graduate nurse utilizes noticing, interpreting, responding and reflecting as a means to organize data and knowledge for clinical judgment and decision making. (Clinical Judgment)