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​​UPMC Schools of Nursing Student Services and Policies

The following policies are available to help clarify expectations and guide student’s success through the program.

Admission Policy

Information in this policy includes, but is not limited to: recruiting, admission, transfer, progression, graduation, financial aid, termination and education.  
View or download the admission policy (PDF)

Ambassador Program Policy

To ease transition into the UPMC Schools of Nursing; volunteer ambassadors serve as informal mentors/resources for new students. View or download the ambassador program policy.(PDF)

Class Attendance  

Attendance at scheduled classes, examinations, conferences, assigned experiences, and NCLEX review is essential in meeting course and program objectives.
View or download the class attendance policy (PDF).

Clinical Attendance  

Punctual attendance is required at all scheduled clinical experiences.
View or download the clinical attendance policy (PDF).

Code of Conduct Policy

UPMC Schools of Nursing has a Code of Conduct policy that governs the actions of students and everyone associated with Schools of Nursing.
View or download the code of conduct policy (PDF).

Credit Transfer Policy

It is the policy of the UPMC Schools of Nursing (SON) to accept transfer credits for newly admitted students. Credits must be transferred in at the time of entry into the program. View or download the credit transfer policy (PDF).

Dress Code Policy

As representatives of the UPMC Schools of Nursing, all students shall maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance that presents a positive image by adhering to the dress code.
View or download the dress code policy (PDF).

Examination Policy

Classroom examinations and objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) are an important component of measuring student learning and achievement in nursing courses. View or download the examination policy (PDF).

SNAP Policy

The goals of the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) are to introduce student nurses to professional organization membership and promote leadership within its membership.
View or download the SNAP policy (PDF).

Student Grievance Policy

Student Health Program

The Student Health Program provides the opportunity to promote and maintain student health.
View or download the student health program policy (PDF).

Student Nurse Description

It is the policy and purpose of the UPMC Schools of Nursing to prepare a graduate nurse capable of practicing nursing, at a beginning level, with individuals, families, and groups in a variety of settings.
View or download the student nurse description (PDF).

Vaccination Policy

 In order to maintain a safe environment it is important that students and prospective students are aware of vaccination requirements.
View or download the vaccination policy (PDF).