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Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth and Telemedicine

What is a Teleconsult Center?

UPMC Teleconsult Centers are dedicated outpatient, multispecialty clinics located in more rural areas throughout western Pennsylvania. At these centers, patients can have virtual appointments with UPMC’s world-class physicians via live, synchronous audio- and video-enabled, HIPAA-secure technology.

Who benefits from telehealth?

Both patients and health care providers can benefit greatly from telehealth. Telehealth provides access to care for patients regardless of their location. Providers are able to more efficiently expand access to their patients.

Patients benefit from UPMC's Telehealth Program with:

  • Timely treatment close to home
  • Reduced travel time and cost
  • Access to world-class treatment
  • Improved quality of care

Physicians and other providers benefit from:

What equipment is needed for telehealth?

Telehealth needs vary depending on the type of care being provided.

  • Synchronous, HIPAA compliant video conferencing using secure high-speed internet via a personal computer, tablet, smartphone, or other similar device
  • Asynchronous store-and-forward HIPAA-compliant technology facilitates image transfers to support clinical diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Remote monitoring via asynchronous, HIPAA-compliant clinical protocols and video conferencing that incorporates Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices, and secure high-speed data transfer via a personal computer, tablet, smartphone, or other similar device

In addition to the core equipment, there are a number of peripheral devices that can be incorporated as part of a telehealth visit. These devices include:

  • Digital stethoscope
  • Digital otoscope
  • Digital ophthalmoscope
  • Total exam camera
  • Digital scale
  • Digital blood pressure cuff

What is the UPMC remote monitoring program?

UPMC provides in-home telehealth equipment to promote proactive patient self-care for chronic conditions, such as heart failure and diabetes. This equipment is used to monitor patients' key measures and provide patients with easy access to guidance about their health issues. Since nurses cannot be in a patient's home 24 hours per day, telehealth remote monitoring provides significant benefits for patients, their families, and their physicians, including:

  • An extra layer of security
  • Reduced readmissions and costs
  • Compliance and continuity of care
  • Convenience and increased independence

Is telehealth reimbursed?

Telehealth reimbursement varies depending on payor. Many private and government payors are expanding telehealth coverage. Patients will need to check with their insurance providers regarding their specific coverage benefits. Some additional resources can be found by calling 1-800-533-UPMC (8762).

We continue to advocate for coverage of this service. Watch for our list of insurers and plans as they continue to grow.

For more information on UPMC telehealth coverage for your specific plan or information on plan reimbursement, contact your insurance company.

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