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​Colon and Rectal Diseases Telemedicine Services

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UPMC colon and rectal disease specialists use telemedicine services to remotely evaluate pre- and postoperative patients located outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

At UPMC, we listen carefully to your concerns and review your medical records to build a personal treatment plan. Based on our careful evaluation, we will recommend medical (nonsurgical), minimally invasive, or open surgical treatments.

Colon and Rectal Disease Tele-evaluations

UPMC surgeons offer preoperative consults, using telemedicine videoconferencing equipment, to evaluate patients and gather their history and physical information.

Tele-evaluations can help with the surgical management of colorectal cancer, diverticular disease, and inflammatory bowel disease, as well as specific types of benign colorectal disease.

When surgery is necessary, the tele-evaluation allows patients to meet their UPMC surgeon face-to-face, prior to the actual day of the operation, without needing to travel to Pittsburgh.

After surgery, UPMC colon and rectal surgeons use the same videoconferencing service to provide postoperative care.

Benefits of Colon and Rectal Disease Tele-evaluations

For patients who live far from Pittsburgh, tele-evaluations for pre- and postsurgical care and medical management:

  • Offer convenient care close to home
  • Limit the number of trips they make to Pittsburgh
  • Save them time and money

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