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Diagnostic Services

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The Outpatient Center provides state-of-the-art medical and health care techniques, knowledge, services, and equipment. A variety of tests and procedures are available.

Appointments are required for many tests and procedures. Also, there are some important things you need to do to prepare for your procedure.

Quest Diagnostics  

Quest Diagnostics provides outpatient laboratory services to fit your schedule. Flexible appointments — including same day, evening, and weekend availability — provide the services you need, when you need them.

Imaging Services  

Imaging services include x-ray, mammography, EKG, and other noncomplex imaging to serve medical, surgical, and other outpatients.

Endoscopy Lab

Our Gastrointenstinal (GI) Lab specializes in colonoscopy, flexible
sigmoidoscopy, special endoscopy, and upper GI tests. These tests help diagnose abnormal conditions in the digestive system.

Pain Management

The Pain Management Center works to diagnose the source of chronic pain, and then reduce it using interventional treatments.
A specially trained physician performs all procedures.

Infusion Center

The Infusion Center provides blood transfusions and various infusions ordered by the patient’s physician. Other services include injections, phlebotomies, adult endocrine testing, blood draws from PICC lines, and implanted ports.

Same Day Surgery

Please contact us about our outpatient surgical services.