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Tammy Kinne-Gustafson Patient Story - Transcript

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On the day that we introduced this protocol to our team here we were at a crew meeting, the tones dropped, our pagers went off and coincidentally the call, the nature of the call was for an ST elevation MI.

They ended up stopping the ambulance at Kinetone Fire Hall and ran a stable 12 lead that they sent right directly to the cath lab at Hamot and I remember him saying are you afraid after he was doing what he did, he got right in my face and said, Tammy, are you afraid to fly? 

We can actually do a 12 lead EKG using something similar to the – what they use in the hospital, place all these leads on the patient’s chest and we can get 12 different views of the patient’s heart.

Based on the EKG itself our suspicion was that she had a 100% blockage of the artery on top of the heart, but there is this 1 to 2 hour golden window so to speak where we can actually salvage heart muscle, and in doing so we can preserve heart function and ultimately affect patient’s outcomes and improve their mortality.

By the time we all got there she was in a room, the procedure was already done.

It happened so fast, and start to finish it was amazing. I mean we live in a rural community and to be able to have the healthcare that I received in a matter of 76 or 78 minutes from start to finish I couldn’t have been dealt a better hand.

Tammy Kinne-Gustafson Patient Story
Tammy Gustafson suffered a heart attack and needed to be flown by helicopter to UPMC Hamot