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Cardiac Risk Assessments

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UPMC Hamot offers two types of cardiac risk assessments to evaluate your risk of developing heart disease — a comprehensive heart screening for women and a quicker family screening that you can have done while waiting for a loved one in the hospital.

UPMC Hamot Heart for Women

The comprehensive UPMC Hamot Heart for Women Cardiac Risk Screening has many components, including:

  • A cardiac risk assessment questionnaire
  • A physical exam and discussion of your medical history
  • Various lab and diagnostic tests

To schedule your risk assessment, call UPMC Hamot Heart for Women at 814-877-2845.

Cardiac Family Screening

The Family Screening Program is an outpatient visit with a member of our cardiovascular disease management team while your loved one is in the hospital.

This brief screening will evaluate your risk for heart disease by testing your:

What to expect during a family cardiac screening

The screening includes:

  • A finger stick
  • Body composition analysis
  • Neck measurement
  • A questionnaire

You will be given your results so that you may share them with your physician or health care provider.

Our staff will be able to answer your questions, plus offer suggestions about the classes and programs available at UPMC Hamot.

How to schedule a family cardiac screening

Call 814-877-3243 to schedule a screening or find out more. Screenings are $10.

Once you schedule your screening, a member of our team will meet you in the main lobby of the hospital and take you to the screening area.

Learn more about health screenings at UPMC Hamot.