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Dr. Toren Finkel: In the News

A pill for aging? At a new lab, scientists will study Pittsburghers to find a formula for the fountain of youth

WTAE recently interviewed Aging Institute director, Dr. Toren Finkel, about new strategies and medicines that target the aging process. Dr. Finkel offers his opinion on whether there will be a pill for aging in the future. The interview also featured a glimpse into the research laboratories at the Aging Institute.

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New Aging Institute director is focused on research here that could keep us young

Toren Finkel, MD, PhD, was recently announced as the new director of the Aging Institute. Please join us in welcoming him. For an introduction, you can find media articles about him and his work below:

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Forever Youngish: Aging as a modifiable risk factor

The Aging Institute and its new director, Dr. Toren Finkel, MD, PhD, were featured in the Fall 2017 PittMed Magazine in their article “Forever Youngish: aging as a modifiable risk factor” by Jenny Blair. Also included in the article was Dr. Charles F. Reynolds III, MD, former director of the Aging Institute who recently retired.

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