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Depression and Adjustment in the Nursing Home: A Resource Tool Kit

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The Depression and Adjustment in the Nursing Home Resource Tool Kit was prepared by the University of Pittsburgh, Palliative Care Education Working Group, and Geriatric Education Center (GEC).

As stated in the tool kit, “the tool kit provides you with information about the current state of evidence for addressing depression in long term care residents. The idea of evidence-based practice is to help bridge the gap between research and practice by utilizing treatment that have been tested to be feasible and have benefits. However, the use of evidenced-based practices still requires professional judgment and critical thinking about the individuals with whom you are working and the circumstances of their situations. The reality is that research currently tells us that a number of practices need to be done to verify these practices are effective for residents in long term care.”

Included in this tool kit are:

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Depression
  • Prevention Resources
  • Resources for New Resident Transitions
    • Packing the Suitcase: The Big Move- Training on Transition Stress
    • Resources and Information for Residents and Family Members
      • NAMI Fact Sheets
      • Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire
      • Caregiver web sites
      • Health-related Associations and Support Groups
      • Alzheimer’s Support (Support Groups and Care Consultations)
  • Detection and Assessment Resources
    • Geriatric Depression Scale
    • Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9 for Depression
    • Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9
    • The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory
  • Information Sheets
    • Understanding Depression and Grief in Older Adults
    • Distinguishing Differences among Delirium, Depression, and Dementia
    • Fact Sheets about Suicide for Residents, Family and Staff
  • Intervention Resources
    • Psychosocial Interventions for Depression
    • Activities to Improve Your Spirits
    • Creating Your Special Place Exercise

If you have any questions related to the toolkit, please reach out to the Aging Institute at 866-430-8742 or

Download the Depression and Adjustment in the Nursing Home Resource Tool Kit (PDF). ​