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The Aging Institute at UPMC

The Aging Institute connects older adults — and their loved ones and caregivers —with helpful resources and programs. Additionally, the Aging Institute provides state-of-the art training and education to professionals. These opportunities are supported by committed researchers and health care professionals who are passionate about aging and about growing the foundation of related expertise unique to UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh.

Making Strides in Learning the Key Pathways of Aging

By bringing together world-renowned researchers, doctors, and other experts under the guidance of Dr. Toren Finkel, we aim to:

  • Advance our research of the aging process.
  • Transform our findings from the lab to seniors for longer and healthier lives.
  • Create innovative programs and health care services for aging adults.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the Aging Institute.

Contact the Aging Institute

Our help and referral line is here to help older adults, caregivers, family members, and neighbors find the resources they need.