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Zerona™ for Hair Loss

Zerona is a low-level laser that can be used to help stimulate hair growth, slow hair loss, increase hair quality, stimulate new hair growth, reduce split ends, and add volume. The laser light encourages scalp circulation by increasing blood flow to the targeted scalp area, which supplies the hair follicle with improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

Both men and women experiencing hair loss may be candidates for Zerona.

What to Expect

Zerona hair restoration is non-invasive and painless, and risks with therapy are low. During treatment patients do not feel the laser; however the light is visible, so protective eyewear is provided. Each session is 10 minutes in length, and no special post-procedure care is required.


Individual results vary since hair loss includes genetic, nutritional, and age components. Results may be enhanced by using topical 5-15% minoxidil once or twice a day and Nextcell Hair Health Vitamins (Men or Women’s Formula). Ask your health care provider for details.

Zerona™ is a product of Erchonia Medical