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Clinical Doula Services at the Department of Family Medicine

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Doulas are specially trained laywomen who provide nonmedical comfort and support to pregnant women — before, during, and after their birth experience.

In addition to their training and education, the doulas also have all of the necessary clearances and training in infant care and lactation support.

The Department of Family Medicine's Birth Circle

The Department of Family Medicine’s Birth Circle provides doula services to women throughout Allegheny County.

Our doulas:

  • Provide childbirth education
  • Meet with women in their homes and, if desired, at their medical appointments
  • Attend births at local hospitals and birthing centers
  • Offer postpartum home visiting and breastfeeding support

Benefits of Doula Support

The ability to be present as a trained support person in labor and delivery is the critical advantage that our program Birth Circle brings to our pregnant clients. The consistent presence of a trusted person can make a major difference in a woman’s ability to have a positive birth experience.

Research has found that women who use doula services have:

  • Fewer medical interventions
  • Fewer incidences of Cesarean section
  • Less use of pain medications and epidurals
  • Increased breastfeeding
  • Higher satisfaction with their birth experience
  • Decreased postpartum depression

The postpartum follow-up by the doulas has shown to have a positive impact on attendance at well baby visits and the duration of breast feeding.

For more information about doula services, please email us at