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​In Teri's Own Words

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Teri Cook, a patient of Dr. Raymond F. Sekula, Jr, MD who was treated for hemifacial spasm through microvascular decompression let us know how she's doing:

Dear Dr. Sekula,

I have some wonderful news, although I am reluctant to articulate the words out aloud, or even type them…

For the past week, I have ceased to have any spasms, tonus, pulling, tapping (in ear) or “anything” pertaining to hemifacial spasm!!!

Warren, my husband, and I are ecstatic!!! Deep down, I can hardly believe it. With the declining of spasms since my surgery, I believe I have become somewhat like my old self – wanting to go out and do things, to talk to people and to take part in life again.

For the majority of women, going to a hair salon is a very normal thing to do, but not for me. However, last week I actually went into a hair salon, had my hair cut and a few highlights added for the first time in years. I had been cutting it myself at home, so that I would not endure embarrassment about my spasms in a salon situation with copious amounts of women and the ‘chit-chat’ that accompanies the salon.

I feel so unshackled, uplifted and blessed!

Thank you so very much Dr. Sekula!


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