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Steve Riley: Sore Feet

Steve Riley on riding lawn mower.

Steve had delt with ulcers, numbness in his feet, and sores for years. This is when John Dresser, DPM, podiatry at UPMC, stepped in to take on the issues Steve had been dealing with.

Steve was treated for neuropathy and open wounds on both of his feet. This also included dressing changes, casts, and two toe amputations to prevent an infection from spreading. After the amputation he was in the hospital for one week. “The inpatient care was amazing, and everyone made sure I was always taken care of,” says Steve. Once he was able to return home, he was told to rest, keeping his foot up and bandaged in between his follow-up visits with Dr. Dresser at the clinics in Bradford, Port Allegany, and Coudersport.

Currently, Steve is toward the end of his recovery process. He knew it would be a long process but while he is wearing his boot, he is still able to participate in activities he loves such as driving, mowing the lawn, and gardening.

Steve says, “Dr. Dresser is personable, down to earth, and explained every step of the procedure. I had a great experience with not only him, but the nurses too. I would recommend Dr. Dresser to anyone."