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Gene W — Total Hip Replacement Patient story

The Challenge: Hip Pain

After experiencing persistent hip pain, limited mobility, and arthritis that interfered with his running routine, Gene W., 74, knew he needed to do something.

The Path to UPMC

He first turned to his daughter for advice.

“My father fostered running as a tradition in our family. When he needed a hip replacement, I sent him to my colleague, Mark A. Goodman, MD. I send my Masters Athletes to him because he can help them get back to sports,” Gene's daughter shares.

Replacing His Hips

Gene met with Dr. Goodman who identified his need for a total hip replacement. Gene underwent surgery in June 2013. The very same day, his wife underwent a total knee replacement with Dr. Crossett and the couple recovered in adjoining rooms. After a period of rest, immobility, and later, home rehabilitation sessions, Gene was slowly able to regain mobility in his hips. 

“There was such excellent communication between the team. It was a very positive experience,” Gene recalls.

Getting Back to Running

After careful following his rehabilitation recommendations and follow-up schedule, Gene was able to get back to running. He even participated in a 5k walk/run in July 2013 just one month after surgery with no pain and went on to complete an eight-mile run in March 2014. Gene now runs regularly and has been healthy and mobile ever since.

“My father’s surgery had an impact on my whole family. His treatment and care was so encouraging and supportive. It felt like they took our hands and guided us through the experience,” says Gene’s daughter.