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Gilbert: Nerve and Hip Injury

In July 2014, Gilbert, 70, retired father of four, grandfather, and gardener, was seriously injured while cutting down a tree. The impact of a tree falling on Gilbert caused his femur to push through his hip socket. He sustained a nerve and hip injury from the accident.

Gilbert lay under the tree until his family returned two hours later. Due to the severity of his injury, he was medevaced directly to UPMC Altoona in Altoona, PA. and then transferred to UPMC Presbyterian.

After an initial assessment, it was clear Gilbert needed traction to get relief from the pain the femur was causing. Within three days of his accident, he underwent surgery by UPMC Orthopaedic Care trauma surgeon, Ivan S. Tarkin, MD.

Gilbert’s family recalled, “We are very thankful he got the best possible care that he so needed. We felt supported and in the loop at UPMC.”

Gilbert stayed at UPMC for monitoring for about a week after the procedure and then relocated to a rehabilitation facility in State College, PA. to be closer to home. In time, he progressed from a walker to walking with a cane. He met with Dr. Tarkin for the last time in December 2014 and reported feeling, “Pleased with the care I received and thankful to be fully healed.”

Gilbert's treatment and results may not be representative of all similar cases.

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