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Laboratory Medicine at UPMC

When your doctor needs objective details about your health, they often order tests.

UPMC pathologists and lab staff members run many tests — on tissues, blood, and other body fluids — and interpret the results.

Finding Answers About Your Health

Our expert lab team works with your doctor to solve the puzzle of your health issue.

We do this through:

  • Blood and lab tests. We detect and observe diseases so your doctor has a well-defined path for treatment. We also study tissue samples, which gives us a full understanding of your health issue.
  • Expertise in many fields. In anatomic pathology, we study cells from certain organs and analyze changes or defects to learn what might be wrong. In molecular and genomic pathology, we do tests on tissues and blood to find gene changes that cause disease. All of our experts can help your doctor with a treatment plan.
  • Second opinions. Our experts study diseases and make diagnoses. We can review your biopsy sample, even if it's from a hospital in another city or state. We'll send a detailed report with a precise and timely diagnosis to your doctor.

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What Our Labs Offer

Pathology Residency at UPMC

The UPMC Department of Pathology offers world-class educational opportunities through its residency and fellowship programs.

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