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Recent News on the McG​owan Institute for Regenerative Medicine



02/04/21 - Six “Pills” for a Longer and Better Life

02/04/21 - Saving Baby Teeth to Treat Future Medical Needs

02/04/21 - A Potential New Therapeutic Target for Kidney Cancer

02/04/21 - Drs. Alejandro Almarza and Juan Taboas Awarded NIH R01 Grant


01/27/21 - McGowan Institute Faculty Support Student Winners at iGEM

01/27/21 - U.S. FDA and University of Pittsburgh Announce Collaboration to Research and Develop Innovative 7herapies to Help Restore Vision

01/27/21 - Dr. Mario Solari Receives MTF Biologics Allograft Tissue Research Grant

01/27/21 - METAvivor Translational Research Award Received by Dr. Steffi Oesterreich

01/21/21 - Breathing Easier with a Better Tracheal Stent

01/21/21 - Brain Imaging Predicts PTSD After Brain Injury

01/21/21 - The Force to Shape an Organ

01/21/21 - Will the Science of Aging Reversal Come into Its Own in 2021?

01/13/21 - Improving the Efficiency of Neural Stem Cell Delivery to the Area of Stroke

01/13/21 - Dr. Youngjae Chun Receives Second-Year Research Funding from The Children’s Heart Foundation

01/13/21 - Stress May Awaken Dormant Cancer Cells

01/13/21 - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Announces Research Agreements to Advance Its Path to a Cure

01/06/21 - Dr. William Wagner Named Society for Biomaterials 2021 Founders Award Recipient

01/06/21 - Dr. Nathan Bahary Expands on Recent Advances with Actionable Alterations Spanning GI Cancers

01/06/21 - Dr. Anne Robertson Named Inaugural SSOE Associate Dean of Faculty Development

01/06/21 - Overlooked Treatment May Improve Survival Rates for Ovarian Cancer Patients



12/23/20 - Dr. Stephen Badylak Named Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering

12/23/20 - Phase III Clinical Trial Data of Gene Therapy to Treat Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Published

12/23/20 - Two Teams of Pitt Students Launch Experiments to International Space Station

12/17/20 - Where Applied Biophysics Meets Tissue Engineering and Cellular Therapies

12/17/20 - Dr. Jason Shoemaker Awarded Two NIAID Grants

12/17/20 - Podcast: Sports Guidelines During COVID-19

12/17/20 - Dr. Rory Cooper Appointed Assistant Vice Chancellor for Researche

12/16/20 - Regenerative Medicine Patient Runs 5K Race in 2020 After Above-the-Knee Amputation in 2015

12/09/20 - Drs. MaCalus Hogan and James Wang Receive J. Leonard Goldner Award for Best Paper

12/09/20 - Positive Effects of Physical Activity in Bariatric Surgery Patients

12/09/20 - Dr. Faina Linkov Named 2020 AAAS Fellow

12/08/20 - Synthetic Biology and Machine Learning Speed the Creation of Lab-Grown Livers

12/02/20 - 3D Bioprinted Heart Provides New Tool for Surgeons

12/02/20 - Podcast: What’s New in Military Medicine with Dr. Ron Poropatich

12/02/20 - Latinx Community Engagement Grant Awarded to Team of Engineers, Art Historians, and Public Health Educators


11/25/20 - COVID-19 Response Update with Dr. Derek Angus

11/25/20 - Bioengineering PhD Students Receive External Fellowships in Academic Year 2020

11/25/20 - Genprex Strengthens Scientific Advisory Board with Appointment of Dr. George Gittes

11/25/20 - Oncorus Has ‘Largest IPO’ Out of Any Pitt Spinout

11/18/20 - Updated Heart Transplant Allocation Policy Evaluated

11/18/20 - Enrollment of the First Patient in the Immune Modulation Domain of REMAP-COVID

11/18/20 - Two McGowan Institute Faculty Team Projects Continue in the Michael G. Wells Competition

11/18/20 - Dr. John Pollock Receives 2020 Science Education Award from the SfN

11/11/20 - Hydroxychloroquine Doesn’t Help COVID-19 In Patients

11/11/20 - Gene Therapy Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa Receives $58 Million Financing

11/11/20 - Questionnaire-Based Tool Measures Fatigue in Patients Receiving Dialysis

11/04/20 - Darleen Noah Named a 2020 CFO of the Year Awards Winner by Pittsburgh Business Times

11/04/20 - Dr. Bradley Nindl to Co-PI Study on Gender Integration at Marine Corps Boot Camps’

11/04/20 - Dr. Catalin Toma Reports Interim FLASH Registry Results on FlowTriever System

11/04/20 - Roy Lab Research Featured in JBC Special Virtual Issue


10/28/20 - DiFusion’s New ZFUZE Biomaterial Data Beats Titanium in Multiple Studies

10/28/20 - For COVID-19, Immune System Can Be ‘A Hero or A Villain’

10/28/20 - Dr. Sanjeev Shroff Inducted as Fellow of the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering

10/28/20 - Getting the Full Scope

10/21/20 - McGowan Institute Faculty Teams Win Pitt Innovation Challenge

10/21/20 - Monitoring Coronary Artery Disease in Real-Time

10/21/20 - Dr. Alejandro Soto-Gutierrez Receives NIH Funding to Use Tiny, Bioengineered Organ Models to Improve Clinical Trials’ Development and Design

10/21/20 - npj Regenerative Medicine: Meeting Report of 8th Annual International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation Now Available

10/14/20 - Dr. Dennis McNamara to Lead Cardiol Therapeutics Phase II/III COVID-19 Trial

10/14/20 - Dr. Ora Weisz Named 2020 Fellow of ASCB

10/14/20 - An Approach to the Protein Aggregation Problem in Therapeutic Bioprocessing

10/14/20 - Dr. Derek Angus Named Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Care Innovation

10/07/20 - Dr. Stephen Badylak’s Work Featured on Life 2.0: Body Shop

10/07/20 - Rapid Blood Test Could Detect Brain Injury in Minutes

10/07/20 - Team Receives $1M NSF Award to Create At-Home Glaucoma Monitoring Device

10/07/20 - HERL Receives Patent for Computer Pointing Device


09/30/20 - Study Shows How COVID-19 Could Lead to Runaway Inflammation

09/30/20 - Catalyzing an Improved Arterial Bypass Graft

09/30/20 - The Transplantation Society Honors Dr. Anthony Demetris with Recognition Award

09/30/20 - Tailor-Made Polymers Easier to Obtain

09/23/20 - Mesoscale Diffusion MRI of the Ex Vivo Human Hippocampus

09/23/20 - Dr. Derek Angus Assumes JAMA Senior Editor Role

09/23/20 - Predictive Placentas: Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect Mothers’ Future Pregnancies

09/23/20 - Abbott Lab Student Helps Build Silk Scaffolding for Tissue

09/16/20 - Editing the Immune Response to Boost Gene Therapy

09/16/20 - Calcium Helps Build Strong Cells

09/16/20 - Fellows Elected IAMBE Class 2020

09/09/20 - Surgical Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

09/09/20 - $31 Million Received to Study Regenerative Therapy Solutions for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Medicine

09/09/20 - Steroids Improve Survival in Very Ill COVID-19 Patients

09/09/20 - Plexiglass Alone Can’t Protect Against Aerosolized Virus

09/02/20 - Organ Regeneration Technology Is Focus of Four Peer-Reviewed Publications

09/02/20 - Blood-Thinner with No Bleeding Side-Effects Is On the Horizon

09/02/20 - Dr. Jenny Yu and the Treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease at Home


08/26/20 - Pigs Grow New Liver in Lymph Nodes, Study Shows

08/26/20 - Top Dentists Honored in Pittsburgh Magazine

08/26/20 - Drs. Jelena Janjic and Vijay Gorantla Receive Department of Defense Research Grant

08/26/20 - Dr. Eni Halilaj Receives Post-Doctoral Young Scientist Award from American Society of Biomechanics

08/19/20 - Dr. Stephen Badylak Extracellular Matrix Work Receives Two More U.S. Patents

08/19/20 - SBIR Grant to Address Microvascular Obstructions

08/19/20 - U.S. Department of Transportation Grants $1 Million to Pitt’s New University Transportation Center

08/19/20 - Cook Lab Student Awarded 2020 Mara H. Wasburn Early Engineering Educator Grant

08/12/20 - Dr. Kacey Marra Forms AxoMax Technologies to Commercialize Nerve Repair Research

08/12/20 - Nindl Lab Student Receives the 2020 Colonel Mary Lipscomb Hamrick Army Medical Specialist Corps Manuscript Award

08/12/20 - Dr. Stefanie Sydlik Joins World Economic Forum’s Community of Young Scientists

08/12/20 - The American Liver Foundation and UPMC Partner to Raise Awareness of Living-Donor Liver Transplants

08/05/20 - Project on Analyzing Cells for Future Biomedical Devices Awarded 5-Year NIH Grant

08/05/20 - Spinal Stimulators Repurposed to Restore Touch in Lost Limb

08/05/20 - Dr. Michael Pinsky Receives 2020 ATS Assembly on CC Annual Lifetime Achievement Award

08/05/20 - Podcast: Current Vision Research with Dr. José-Alain Sahel


07/29/20 - Podcast: Cardiothoracic Physician-Scientist Education/Training with Dr. Garret Coyan

07/29/20 - Dr. Derek Angus Appointed UPMC’s Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer

07/29/20 - Welcome: Dr. Samira Kiani

07/29/20 - Dr. Sachin Velankar Receives NSF Grant

07/22/20 - UPMC Children’s and Pitt Researcher Receives $2.59 Million NIH Grant for Diabetes Gene Therapy

07/22/20 - Reversing Drug Resistance in Breast Cancer

07/22/20 - A Remote Control for Neurons

07/15/20 - Infant Heart-Assist Device Gets New Life with $4.7M Grant

07/15/20 - McGowan Institute Faculty Receive Pitt’s Center for Medical Innovation Awards

07/15/20 - Pitt, UPMC Team Creates ‘Playbook’ for Return of Youth Athletics

07/15/20 - Podcast: Liver Disease Research and Potential Treatments with Dr. Alejandro Soto-Gutiérrez

07/08/20 - AR3T Receives 5-Year NIH Grant Extension

07/08/20 - Researchers Study a Novel Type of Extracellular Vesicles

07/08/20 - Podcast: Repopulation of the Stroke Cavity in the Brain with Dr. Michel Modo

07/08/20 - Welcome: Dr. Tirthadipa Pradhan

07/01/20 - A Micro Look at Metastatic Environments in Ovarian Cancer

07/01/20 - UPMC and VA Pittsburgh Partner to Perform VA’s First Living-Donor Living Transplant

07/01/20 - Parker Lab Student is Winner of ChE Spring Term 2020 Outstanding PhD Paper

07/01/20 - Welcome: Dr. Mo Ebrahimkhani


06/24/20 - ‘Cell-Soldiers’ Turn Out to Be More Resistant Than ‘Cell-Combat Medics’

06/24/20 - Crafting a Better Graft

06/24/20 - Dr. Charleen Chu Wins Distinguished Educator Award

06/24/20 - Podcast: Computational and Experimental Data Complementation with Dr. Lance Davidson

06/17/20 - McGowan Institute – Regenerative Medicine Summer School 2020

06/17/20 - Podcast: Surgical Support Prior to Birth with Dr. Stephen Emery

06/17/20 - Welcome: Dr. Ioannis Zervantonakis

06/10/20 - Immune System Discovery Could End Chronic Organ Rejections

06/10/20 - “You Make Me Sick” Board Game Teaches Students About COVID-19

06/10/20 - Podcast: What’s Being Done for Acute Kidney Stress/Injury with Dr. John Kellum

06/03/20 - Lab-Grown Miniature Human Livers Successfully Transplanted in Rats

06/03/20 - Dr. David Gau Receives National Cancer Center Fellowship for Kidney Cancer Research

06/03/20 - Fountain Therapeutics Closes $6 Million Series A-1 Financing

06/03/20 - Podcast: McGowan Institute-Developed Technology—Hemolung® RAS History, COVID-19 Patients, and What’s on the Horizon


05/27/20 -  Controlled Release Society Elects McGowan Institute’s Steven Little, PhD, to Prestigious College of Fellows 

05/27/20 -  Using a Smartphone to Diagnose COVID-19 at Home

05/27/20 -  European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons Podcast: Dr. Jenny Yu 

05/20/20 -  Engineering a New Model for Respiratory Infection Treatment 

05/20/20 -  Carnegie Mellon, Pitt Researchers Launch Ventilator Project 

05/20/20 -  Dr. Ivet Bahar Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

05/20/20 -  Dr. Thomas Rando Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 

05/13/20 -  Uncovering Stimulation’s Impact on Neurons 

05/13/20 -  Exercise Restores Youthful Properties to Muscle Stem Cells of Old Mice

05/13/20 -  Weber Lab Student Awarded with 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 

05/13/20 -  Amrita Sahu, PhD, Receives the Delta Omega Dissertation Award 

05/07/20 -  McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine 2020 Best Doctors 

05/07/20 -  Dr. Jelena Janjic Helps Lead Nanomedicine Effort in Transplantation

05/07/20 -  Push for Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Medical Imaging Project Wins University of Pittsburgh Scaling Grant 

05/07/20 -  Let’s Do the Twist 


04/29/20 -  Potential Portable Individual Biocontainment Unit to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

04/29/20 -  FDA Grants ALung Technologies Emergency Use Approval for its Hemolung to Treat COVID-19 Patients with Respiratory Distress 

04/29/20 -  Drs. Alan Wells and Louis Falo Receive Clinical and Translational Science Institute Awards to Support Urgent COVID-19 Research 

04/29/20 -  UPMC Children’s Receives FCC COVID-19 Telehealth Program Grant to Help Immunocompromised Children 

04/22/20 -  Medical Devices Lab Technology May Help COVID-19 Patients 

04/22/20 -  The Future of Human Healing May Lay in the Brain of a Starfish

04/22/20 -  NeuBase Therapeutics Announces Positive, Preclinical Data Validating its Novel Genetic Therapy PATrOL™ Platform 

04/15/20 -  UPMC-Led Global Effort Fast Tracks Testing of COVID-19 Therapies 

04/15/20 -  Old Human Cells Rejuvenated with Stem Cell Technology

04/15/20 -  AIMBE Announces 2020 College of Fellows Inductees 

04/08/20 -  COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise 

04/08/20 -  UPMC Close to Immunity Test that Could Help End COVID-19 Lockdown 

04/08/20 -  Developing a Valve for Developing Hearts 

04/01/20 -  Mimicking Cancer to Avoid Transplant Rejection

04/01/20 -  Badylak Lab Student Madeline Cramer Receives NIH F31 Award 


03/25/20 -  Intralipid Improves Efficacy of Chemotherapy Treatment 

03/19/20 -  McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine Holds Its Annual Scientific Retreat

03/19/20 -  The Ever-Changing Landscape of the Eye 

03/19/20 -  Support for Female Pelvic Floor Research 

03/19/20 -  Alcohol in Her Urine, But Not in Her Blood: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together 

03/11/20 -  DARPA Awards $22M for ‘Smart’ Device that Regenerates Muscle 

03/11/20 -  2020 CSC Awards Winners: Drs. Fabrisia Ambrosio and Bryan Brown and Ms. Alexis Nolfi

03/05/20 -  Dr. Bryan Brown Featured in the Products of Pittsburgh Podcast 

03/05/20 -  Dr. Anna Balazs: Shining a New Light on Biomimetic Materials 

03/05/20 -  UPMC Celebrates 500th Adult Living-Donor Liver Transplant 


02/26/20 -  Dr. Cecelia Yates Receives CSL Behring and University City Science Center Funding

02/26/20 -  Why Inclusivity Matters

02/26/20 -  McGowan Institute Affiliated Faculty Participate in the 2020 Gordon Research Conference to Foster Collaborations in Neural Engineering

02/26/20 -  Smoking Relapse Common in Weight-Loss Surgery Patients

02/19/20 -  Dr. George Gittes’ Diabetes Gene Therapy Licensed to Genprex

02/19/20 -  McGowan Institute Affiliated Faculty Members Receive CMI Project Funding

02/19/20 -  Bulk of Nurse Practitioners’ Work at Nursing Home Remains Nonclinical

02/12/20 -  Dr. Robert Kormos Receives STS 2020 Distinguished Service Award

02/12/20 -  PediaFlow Project Wins Cornell’s Scale-Up and Prototyping Award

02/12/20 -  Using Regenerative Biology to Restore Mucus Production

02/05/20 -  Rupture of Intracranial Aneurysms—How the Right Tools Help Find the Cause

02/05/20 -  Pitt Researchers Propose Solutions for Networking Lag in Massive IoT Devices

02/05/20 -  Vitamin D Linked to Better Blood Pressure in Pittsburgh Kids

02/05/20 - Dr. Christian Bermudez Named an AL DÍA Top Doctor


01/29/20 -  Dr. Takashi Kozai Receives $1.6M NIH Award to Develop an Innovative Wireless Neural Device for Long-Term and Precise Stimulation

01/29/20 -  Dr. Fabrisia Ambrosio Named Co-PI on $3.8M R01 Grant

01/29/20 -  UPMC First in the U.S. to Implant Wireless Retinal Device

01/29/20 -  Sepsis Kills 1 in 5 Globally, Double Previous Estimate

01/22/20 -  Researchers Regrow Damaged Nerves with Polymer and Protein

01/22/20 -  Abbott Gets FDA Approval for Less-Invasive Heart Pump Implant Procedure

01/22/20 -  Heart Transplants from Donors with Hepatitis C May Be Safe

01/22/20 -  Nerve-Healing Startup Renerva Joins McGovern Incubator

01/16/20 -  Dr. William Wagner Named a Pittsburgh “Power 100” Honoree

01/15/20 -  McGowan Institute Affiliated Faculty Members Receive Swanson School Professorship and Fellowship Appointments

01/15/20 -  Three Bioengineering Graduate Students Receive American Heart Association Fellowships

01/15/20 -  Salama Lab Study Reveals How Relaxin Targets Cardiovascular Disease

01/08/20 -  Dr. David Finegold Named the John C. Mascaro Faculty Fellow in Sustainability

01/08/20 -  And the Beep Goes On: CMU/UPMC Collaborative Effort Unravels Medical Mysteries

01/08/20 -  BioHybrid Solutions Awarded $30M Contract by the US Dept. of Defense

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