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Recent News on the McG​owan Institute for Regenerative Medicine




12/18/19 -  Dr. Stephen Badylak Receives 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from TERMIS-AM

12/18/19 -  Dr. William Federspiel Named a National Academy of Inventors Fellow

12/18/19 -  Brown Lab Student Announced as Finalist for the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program

12/18/19 -  Provost Inaugural Lecture: Dr. John Kellum

12/11/19 -  Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Dr. Stephen Badylak at TEDx Fairfield University

12/11/19 -  Dr. Dennis McNamara to Chair Clinical Steering Committee for Trial to Treat Acute Myocarditis

12/11/19 -  Dr. Morgan Fedorchak Receives 2019 Emerging Innovator Award

12/04/19 -  Pitt School of Dental Medicine Goes Opioid-Free

12/04/19 -  Researchers Find New Role for Dopamine in Gene Transcription and Cell Proliferation

12/04/19 -  Weber Lab Student Clinches First Place at SHPE Poster Competition


11/20/19 -  Review Article Provides a Framework for Ongoing/Future Brain Tissue Healing Studies

11/20/19 -  Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Receives A Glimmer of Hope Foundation Funding

11/13/19 -  Pitt Team’s Replacement Heart Valve Could Decrease Need for Pediatric Surgeries

11/13/19 -  Dr. Tracy Cui Leads Pitt Neuron Research in Pitt/CMU Brain Collaboration

11/13/19 -  Dr. Dobrawa Napierala Awarded Grant to Commemorate Soft Bones 10th Anniversary and Hypophosphatasia Awareness Day

11/06/19 - Pancreatic Cancer: Not All Doom and Gloom

11/06/19 - DOD Grants $600K to Study Novel Regulator of Kidney Cancer Progression

11/06/19 - CMU’s Dr. Newell Washburn Recognized by Covestro for Scientific Excellence

11/04/19 - Improving Neural Implants

11/04/19 - β-blockers Build Heart Muscle

11/04/19 - Manufacturing in Microgravity

11/04/19 - Dr. Steven Little Named Program Chair of 2020 CRS Annual Meeting


10/23/19 - SPRY Clinical Trial Is First of Its Kind

10/23/19 - Dr. Warren Ruder Attends 2019 Israeli-American Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium

10/23/19 - Re-Envisioning Ophthalmology

10/23/19 - NeuBase Prepares to Face the Challenges of a Rare Disease Trial

10/21/19 - Applying Structural Monitoring Technology to the Human Spine

10/21/19 - McGowan Institute Teams Win Big at PInCH

10/21/19 - NIH Grant: $21.5 million to Establish the LB3P MRC

10/21/19 - How Dr. Rory Cooper Engineered a Better Life

10/10/19 - Project Receives Pitt’s Center for Medical Innovation Award in Round-1 2019 Pilot Funding

10/10/19 - Dr. Rory Cooper Appointed to Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Spinal Cord Research Advisory Committee

10/10/19 - NIH Grant: $1.5 Million to Study the Mechanism of Osteoarthritis Pain

10/10/19 - Revealed: How Tooth Enamel Is Strong Enough to Last a Lifetime

010/02/19 - McGowan Institute’s Pediatric VAD Technology, PediaFlow, to One Day Help the Smallest of Heart Transplant Candidates

10/02/19 -  Scientists Listed Ways of Applying Genetic Engineering to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

10/02/19 -  Dr. John Pollock Designs App to Improve Mental Health

10/02/19 -  The State of Cell-Based Therapies for Arthritis and Osteoporosis


09/25/19 - Debski Lab Student Named the Bioengineering 2019 Wesley C. Pickard Fellow

09/25/19 -  Potential Treatment of Metastatic Solid Tumors Receives Funding Boost

09/25/19 -  Potential Peripheral Nerve Repair Technology Receives NSF and NIH Funding

09/18/19 -  3D Printing of Soft Materials: New and Complicated Variables

09/18/19 -  Strawberries May Be Key to Developing an Insulin Pill

09/11/19 - Dr. Youngjae Chun Receives American Heart Association’s 2020 Innovative Project Award

09/11/19 - Self-Rolling Sensors Take Heart Cell Readings in 3D

09/11/19 - Dr. Eric Lagasse Work Highlighted in Forbes

09/11/19 - Runaway Mitochondria Cause Telomere Damage in Cells

09/04/19 - Vorp Lab Using Amazon Web Services to Diagnose/Treat Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

09/04/19 - Development of a Mantle Cell Lymphoma Cell Culture Model

09/04/19 - CMU Undergraduate Students in Cook Lab Offer Lift for Respiratory Research

09/04/19 - Cui Lab Postdoc Receives Best Poster Presentation Award


08/28/19 - Top Dentists Honored in Pittsburgh Magazine

08/28/19 - Dr. David Vorp Receives Research Leader Fellowship from APLU

08/28/19 - Study: Inflammation Persists in Sepsis Survivors

08/28/19 - In the US, Children Die Waiting for a Liver Transplant — There Is a Better Way

08/21/19 - Dr. Mary Amanda Dew Honored with 2019 Bud Orgel Award from the Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers

08/21/19 - Molecular Sensor Scouts DNA Damage and Supervises Repair

08/21/19 - HERL Receives $50K Grant from Disabled Veterans National Foundation

08/01/19 - Grant: Role of Extracellular Matrix in Age-Related Declines of Muscle Regeneration

08/21/19 - Working Towards 3D Printing the Human Heart

08/14/19 - New Study Highlights Advantages of Living-Liver Donation

08/14/19 - First Ever State Sepsis Regulation Tied to Lower Death Rates

08/14/19 - Dr. Mangesh Kulkarni Receives $18K Award from Pitt’s Central Research Development Fund

08/14/19 - Pitt Receives $6 Million for Vision Restoration Research

08/12/19 - New Alliance with the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory

08/07/19 - Pitt First to Grow Genetically Engineered Mini Livers in the Lab to Study Disease and Therapies

08/07/19 - Former Little Lab Student Candidate for 2019 NCAA Woman of the Year

08/07/19 - MechMorpho Lab Brings Computation and Experimentation Closer Together

08/06/19 - 2019 Wiegand Intern Completes Assignment

08/01/19 - Dr. Garrett Coyan Receives the 2019 Resident Academic Leadership Award

08/01/19 - Grant: Role of Extracellular Matrix in Age-Related Declines of Muscle Regeneration

08/01/19 - Creating Lungs “From Scratch”

08/01/19 - Using Hep C Infected Organs in Heart Transplant Operations


07/24/19 - NSF Awards $500,000 to Pitt Researchers to Create Neuromorphic Vision System Mimicking Human Sight

07/24/19 - Shedding Light on ‘Black Box’ of Inpatient Opioid Use

07/24/19 - Dr. Anthony Delitto Appointed Member of National Advisory Council

07/24/19 - Dr. Freddie Fu Weighs In On Unproven Stem Cell Treatments

07/17/19 - ALung: Update on US and UK Clinical Trials

07/17/19 - Dr. Anne Robertson Delivers Keynote Lecture at International Conference

07/17/19 - Dr. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski and Researchers Develop Semi-Liquid Metal Anode for Next-Generation Batteries

07/17/19 - Pitt Launches Online Master of Science in Health Informatics with Noodle Partners

07/12/19 - Dr. Stephen Badylak to Receive BioMed SA’s 2019 Award for Innovation in Healthcare and Bioscience

07/10/19 - Critical Care Medicine Professor Michael Pinsky, MD, Becomes Society Fellow

07/10/19 - Pitt and CMU Researchers Discover How the Brain Changes When Mastering a New Skill

07/10/19 - Preventive Drug Therapy May Increase Right-Sided Heart Failure Risk in Patients Who Receive Heart Devices

07/10/19 - Dr. Tetsuro Sakai to Head Transplant Anesthesia Society

07/05/19 - Summer “Happenings”: Regenerative Medicine Summer School and 8-Week Internships

07/03/19 - Challenges of Pancreatic Cancer and Treatment Advances

07/03/19 - In-Utero Surgery in Pittsburgh Region to Treat Spina Bifida

07/03/19 - Rapid Fluid Removal Increases Death Risk in Kidney Patients

07/03/19 - Winners of First RoosterBio Inc. hMSC Development Grant Announced


06/26/19 - Dr. Peter Wearden: RN For A Day

06/26/19 - Boninger Lab Student Receives NIH F30 Award

06/26/19 - Startup Focuses on Developing Catalysts for Industry

06/26/19 - Dr. Timothy Billiar Receives Honor from the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine

06/20/19 - How Learning and Decision-Making Share a Common Underlying Brain Mechanism

06/20/19 - Pitt, CMU to Create an Autonomous Robotic Trauma Care System

06/20/19 - Drs. Peter Rubin and Albert Donnenberg Bring Adipose Cell Therapy to Italy

06/20/19 - Researchers Create Soft, Flexible Materials with Enhanced Properties

06/12/19 - Scientists Remind Immune Cells Whose Side They Should Be On

06/12/19 - Sedation, Paralysis Do Not Improve Survival of ICU Patients

06/12/19 - The New Wave of Brain-Computer Interface Technology

06/12/19 - Brown Lab Student/sciVelo Alumna Spotlight on Elizabeth (Abby) C. Stahl, PhD

06/05/19 - Direct Oxidative Stress Damage Shortens Telomeres

06/05/19 - Big Data Reveals Hidden Subtypes of Sepsis

06/05/19 - HERL Director Dr. Rory Cooper Joins Hall of Inventors

06/05/19 - Following Injury, A New Approach Could Help Rebuild Muscle


05/30/19 - Robertson/Debski/Vorp Lab Students Participate in Three Minute Thesis Competitions

05/30/19 - Researchers Receive a $2.5M NIH Award to Create an Improved Repair Device for POP

05/30/19 - Dr. Abhinav Humar Selected an Essential Pittsburgher

05/30/19 - FLARE IDE Study Results Published; FLASH Study Continues

05/23/19 - TEDx: Dr. Jelena Janjic, “When in Pain, Innovate!”

05/23/19 - One Valve Takes 2nd Place in 2019 Randall Family Big Idea Competition, Wins $15K Prize

05/23/19 - McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine 2019 Best Doctors

05/23/19 - UPMC Insurance Services Division Names Joon S. Lee, MD, Chief Medical Officer

05/16/19 - Tuan Lab Student Awarded 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

05/16/19 - Beckman Coulter’s Early Sepsis Indicator Receives 510(k) Clearance from the U.S. FDA

05/16/19 - Balazs Lab Team Replicate Feed, Fight and Flight Responses in Catalytic Chemical Reactions

05/16/19 - Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, PhD, Has Been Elected to the NAS

05/09/19 - “Zero Lift” Patient Transfer and Repositioning System

05/09/19 - Efforts Toward Human Performance Optimization

05/09/19 - Stimulation Remodels the Epileptic Brain to Prevent Seizures

05/09/19 - Dr. Julie Phillippi Promotes STEM Excellence to Fox Chapel Area Students

05/01/19 - Study Shows Key Factors in Sustaining Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery

05/01/19 - Brain-Machine Interface Research Receives $12 Million from the NIH

05/01/19 - McGowan Institute Visits Local Elementary School

05/01/19 - Bioengineering’s Role in Regenerative Medicine–From the Swanson School of Engineering


04/24/19 - Separating Stem Cell Therapy Hope vs. Hype: More from Dr. Peter Rubin

04/24/19 - Dr. Antonio D’Amore Weighs in on First 3D Printed Heart

04/24/19 - Dr. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Admitted to the Australian Academy of Science

04/24/19 - Clinical Trials Moving Forward for ALung Technologies, Inc.

04/18/19 - Potential Treatment for Chronic Pain Getting Closer

04/18/19 - Physical Therapists Play Key Roles in Innovative Rehabilitation Technologies

04/18/19 - How Immune Cells Help Tumors Escape Body’s Defenses

04/10/19 - A Surgical Option to Treat Chronic Pancreatitis

04/08/19 - Dr. Ivet Bahar Receives “Kadir Has” Outstanding Achievement Award in Turkey

04/08/19 - Dr. Ipsita Banerjee Wins 2019 Faculty Diversity Award

04/08/19 - Vorp Lab Student Represented Pitt at the ACC Meeting of the Minds

04/08/19 - Genomics Could Guide Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

04/08/19 - Harnessing the Power of the Lymph Node


03/20/19 - Video: “Hope vs. Hype of Stem Cell Therapy”

03/20/19 - McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine Holds Its Annual Scientific Retreat

03/20/19 - Extracellular Matrix: Communication Matters

03/13/19 - 2019 CSC Awards Winner: Dr. William Federspiel

03/13/19 - New Hope for Heart Transplants

03/13/19 - Targeting Deadly Tumors in Unborn Babies

03/10/19 - The Hype and the Hope Surrounding Stem Cell Therapies

03/07/19 - Penn Team Eradicates Hepatitis C in Nine Patients Following Lifesaving Heart Transplants from Infected Donors

03/07/19 - CMU’s Drs. Cohen-Karni and Whitehead Awarded Dean’s Early Career Fellowships

03/07/19 - Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Awareness


02/27/19 - Pitt Bioengineers Create Ultra-Small, Light-Activated Electrode for Neural Stimulation

02/27/19 - Campbell Lab Student Receives Award and Scholarship

02/20/19 - Dr. Ron Poropatich: MTEC New Board Member and Healthcare Transformation Editor

02/20/19 - Scientists ‘See’ Dual-Layered Scaffolding of Cellular Nuclei

02/20/19 - Dr. Adam Feinberg Elected to Leadership Advisory Committee of ARMI

02/13/19 - Anti-Rejection Drug Could Be Repurposed to Treat Cancer

02/13/19 - Dr. Bernard Costello Begins Tenure as Medical Association President

02/06/19 - Three Novel Biomedical Projects Receive Center for Medical Innovation Awards Round-2 2018 Pilot Funding

02/06/19 - Clinical Trial: Withdrawal of Immunosuppression in Living Donor Liver Transplantation

02/06/19 - Dr. Anna Balazs: Longtime Pitt Mentor, Engineer Works on the Future with Soft Robotics

02/05/19 - The Matrix


01/31/19 - Celebrating a Milestone—Dr. Stephen Badylak’s H-index Reaches 100

01/31/19 - Dr. Thomas Gilbert: Swanson School of Engineering 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

01/31/19 - Changing Frequencies: Pitt Bioengineers Look Deeper into How Electrical Stimulation Activates Neurons

01/31/19 - A Catalytic Flying Carpet

01/23/19 - BYU Radio Hosts Interview with Dr. Stephen Badylak

01/23/19 - Study Funded to Enable Treatments for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

01/23/19 - Dr. John Kellum Leads Study on Information from Urine Output in ICU Patients

01/23/19 - Pitt-led Research Describes How Neurons Could Disconnect From Each Other in Huntington’s Disease

01/17/19 - Pennsylvania Pediatric Medical Device Consortium

01/16/19 - University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute Q&A with Dr. William Wagner

01/16/19 - System Designed to Remove Large Clot Volume from Large Veins Enrolls First Clinical Patient

01/16/19 - Technology Developed in Brown and Cheetham Laboratories Receives $2.4 Million DoD Award to Advance Its Peripheral Nerve Matrix Technology to the Clinic

01/16/19 - First Patient Dosed with VY-AADC Gene Therapy in Parkinson’s Phase 2 Trial

01/11/19 - One Researcher’s Path to Control a Machine with a Brain: Dr. Andrew Schwartz’s Experience

01/11/19 - Dr. John Pollock Named AAAS Fellow

01/11/19 - Pitt Engineer-Clinician Team Uses “Active Wrinkles” to Keep Synthetic Grafts Clean

01/11/19 - The Self-Healing Heart

01/09/19 - Kumta Lab Work Receives Funding by DoD CDMRP

01/09/19 - Innovative Approaches to Metabolic Disease

01/09/19 - Bradley Nindl, PhD, Delivers Keynote on Research

01/09/19 - Boninger Lab Student Receives Clinical and Translational Science Postdoctoral Fellowship

01/04/19 - Dr. Stephen Badylak Named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

01/04/19 - A Single Injection May Mean a Permanent Cure

01/04/19 - Badylak Lab Student Receives Bioengineering Graduate Student Award

01/04/19 - Pittsburgh Business Times Selects Jelena Janjic, PhD, for 2018 Innovator Award