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Connie — Physical Therapy Patient Story​

Connie woke up one morning with a severe pain in her shoulder. She quickly made an appointment with her primary care physician, who ordered an MRI that revealed the issue – a torn rotator cuff.

Connie had friends who had undergone rotator cuff surgery but still didn’t regain full use of their shoulder. She wanted to do anything possible to avoid surgery.

“I learned that physical therapy can help you regain use of your arm without having surgery,” recalled Connie.
“UPMC Centers for Rehab Services’ Penn Hills location is only ten minutes from my house so I was excited to get started on rehab as soon as possible.”

At CRS Penn Hills, Connie’s physical therapists pre-screened her to determine her arm issues and then put a personalized plan together so she could build up her strength. They had her do stretches, lift weights, use exercise bands, and perform exercises like touching the wall and crawling her hand down it. All of these exercises could also be done at home so that Connie could shorten her recovery time.

“Everyone was so knowledgeable about my injury,” she remembered. “I really appreciate the care and guidance they provided, and they scheduled appointments so it was never overcrowded. The personalized attention was great.”

Now that her arm is feeling better, Connie is eager to start hitting the links.

“I learned to play golf because all business decisions are made on the green,” said Connie. “I’ll never have a full range of motion like I did prior to my injury, but I’m really looking forward to getting back out there and swinging my clubs.

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