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Frank — Physical Therapy Patient Story​

While golfing in 2013, Frank, a 57 year old global energy consultant and father of three, exacerbated a rotator cuff injury. The tear was so severe that he had to have surgery on his right arm. Eight weeks later, he started physical therapy at CRS Murrysville.

“The physical therapy program at CRS Murrysville is a beautifully methodical program,” remembered Frank. “I progressed very well under the guidance of my physical therapist, Christin. I asked her to push me and she did.”

Christin, PT, DPT, facility director at CRS Murrysville, had Frank perform exercises that would enable him to get back to his active lifestyle. At first, Frank could only lift his arm 45 degrees while lying down but Christin pushed him to go to 90 degrees. He would lift small things like a broom handle and swing it back and forth to emulate a golf swing. Frank would also make his hand crawl up the wall to work on mobility.

After many weeks of therapy, Frank was literally back in full swing – playing golf, directing his church choir, playing the keyboard and guitar in his church band, and shooting hoops.

Therapy became a family affair. Two of Frank’s three daughters also received physical therapy at CRS Murrysville, Hannah for a torn ACL, and Samantha for a tweaked neck.

“Hannah was so inspired by her therapists and her time at CRS that Christin let her shadow her,” shared Frank. “Would you believe – Hannah was majoring in forensic science but changed it to physical therapy due to her experience at CRS.”

“I will sing the praises of UPMC,” Frank said. “It has been a truly, truly wonderful experience. Not just for me, but for my whole family!”

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