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Karen and Nicole — Physical Therapy Patient Story​​

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Karen Jackson and her 14-year-old daughter, Nicole, a former competitive gymnast, enjoy doing many mother-daughter activities together.

Surprisingly, one of these activities includes attending physical therapy sessions at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services’ Moon Township location. What started out as a positive experience for Karen soon became a place of healing for Nicole as well.

Karen began physical therapy with Lauren DeFilippi, MPT, OCS, after being diagnosed with a hip injury, crediting Lauren with getting her back to pain-free living. When Nicole was injured during gymnastics, Karen immediately thought of the care she received at CRS Moon Township.

"It was really important that Nicole was able to return to gymnastics and not be reinjured,” said Karen. “Lauren was adamant that she needed to take her time with the physical therapy and heal properly, which enabled my daughter to accomplish her goals and safely return to her sport.”

Karen also credits Lauren and her staff's personalities and bedside manner for enabling them to have such great experiences.

"The staff is so good at connecting with people and their environment is so positive,” remembered Karen. “Even though we were doing physical therapy, the staff really listened to our concerns, and made it a fun environment. I was so impressed with everything they did there."

For the next five years, Karen and Nicole continued to visit Lauren for various reasons, including shoulder injuries, a broken wrist, and hip and back injuries. Nicole eventually retired from competitive gymnastics. She and Karen are very thankful for the time they spent at CRS Moon Township and the services they received.

"They were able to rehab both me and my daughter in a fun and memorable way,” said Karen. “They got us back to doing our normal thing and that’s what matters most.”

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