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Kathy — Physical Therapy Patient Story​

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Athletics and unique ways to stay active have always played a large part in Kathy’s life. From roller skating as a child to synchronized swimming as a teenager to modern dance as a young adult, Kathy, 68, now stays active by walking her dog and playing pickleball, a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis.

When Kathy was still experiencing difficulties years after having ankle surgery, her physician referred her to Scott, a physical therapist with UPMC Centers for Rehab Services. He helped her recover from that injury so that she could get back to a more active lifestyle. The many years of physical exercise wore on Kathy’s hip, so once again, she reached out to Scott for physical therapy at the CRS Butler - Pullman Square location.

“My goal is to not have any surgery on my hip,” said Kathy. “Scott and the rest of the staff at CRS are helpful, competent, knowledgeable, professional, and I always have plenty of time with my therapist so that I can accomplish my goals.”

In order to rehab her hip, Kathy does various standing and bench exercises, hip raises, and bicycling. Scott’s recommendations for home exercises work well for Kathy.

“I try to stay active. That’s the key to everything,” said Kathy. “When you’re young, you do it for fun. As you get older, you do it because you want to keep moving. The physical therapy at CRS is helping me stay active.”

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