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Vicki — Physical Therapy Patient Story​

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In 2010, Vicki fell and injured her shoulder.

Two weeks after surgery, she entered physical therapy at the UPMC Centers for Rehab Services location in Allison Park.

The location (just a few minutes from her home) was always clean and comfortable, and she appreciated how committed the staff was to helping her schedule convenient appointments.

Her therapist helped her to gather the clinical information from her physicians and surgeons, so that they could work together to meet her goals in the safest way possible.

Vicki and her husband, both faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh, had become active flat-water kayakers, so Vicki even brought her paddle to therapy, where they customized her strength training for the paddling motion.

“Because I had such a good experience, I always recommend CRS when I am talking to friends who are having knee, shoulder, ankle, or other problems. Even after my therapy was over, I continued to do the exercises that my therapist created for me, and now I can do regular strength training with both arms.”

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