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CoolSculpting Procedures at UPMC in Central Pa

Cryolipolysis (cryogenic and lipolysis), being marketed as CoolSculpting, is a non-invasive procedure using a medical device to reshape body contours by destroying fat cells in a localized area. The procedure is being touted as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. It is not a means to weight-loss.

Advantages of CoolSculpting

The advantages include:

  • No downtime
  • No recovery period
  • No anesthesia and no surgery required
  • Procedure can be repeated immediately

CoolSculpting works on the premise that fat cells are more easily damaged by cooling than skin cells. When exposed to controlled cooling, the fat tissue under the skin experiences cell death without damaging the overlying skin. Over time, usually two to four months, the fat cells are eventually dissolved by the body.

In September 2010, the Food and Drug Administration approved the cryolipolysis device developed by Zeltiq Aesthetics. The machine hooked to a device resembling a vacuum cleaner head draws in the patient's skin, and then it starts to cool it to the point of freezing the water in the fat cells, which basically kills only those cells. The process takes about an hour.

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