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PRIMA®: Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes

Maximizing the athletic performance of elite and recreational athletes over age 40 is the passion — and the goal — of PRIMA®.

UPMC Sports Medicine's unique program provides support for mature athletes who want to maintain or increase physical performance while reducing risk of injury.

Our performance experts and trainers will keep you fit, functional, and performing your best.

PRIMA Services

PRIMA services include:

  • Pre-performance physical exam, injury assessment, and orthopaedic care.
  • Cardiovascular fitness testing.
  • Advanced peak performance assessment and custom program design.
  • Nutrition counseling.
  • Mental coaching.
  • Research participation.
  • Sport-specific kinetics and sport efficiency evaluation.

Performance and Fitness Programs for People Over 40

Everyone over age 40 interested in becoming or staying active can benefit from one of UPMC's programs for masters athletes.

PRIMA Athlete®

The PRIMA Athlete program is for fit and elite athletes over age 40 looking to maximize performance.

The program will assess your personal:

  • Physical fitness level
  • Performance
  • Strength
  • Nutrition
  • Mental fitness
  • Injury profile

Our performance experts will then use this data to design a unique program to maximize your individual competitive edge.

PRIMA START® program

This 12-week PRIMA program helps independent adults progress towards a fit and healthy lifestyle through education and guided physical activity.

By the end of the program, you will know the pieces of and methods for achieving a fit lifestyle. And, you will walk or run a 5K (3.1 mile) race.

Adult-onset exercise program

PRIMA also offers programs for adult-onset exercisers or those wishing to increase their activity and become fit.

Our PRIMA Experts

Ron DeAngelo of UPMC Sports Performance and many other UPMC Sports Medicine experts offer their skills to our PRIMA programs.

Make An Appointment for PRIMA

Contact UPMC Sports Medicine at 1-855-937-7678 to make an appointment or learn more about our PRIMA services.