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Building Better Hockey Players

UPMC Sports Medicine is proud to partner with the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League (PAHL) in its mission to develop and promote youth amateur hockey in Western Pennsylvania. On this page athletes, coaches and parents can utilize our resources for hockey injuries and prevention, nutrition and hydration, and sports performance training.

Hockey Injuries and Prevention

Youth Hockey Injuries Q&A with Dr. Vyas

To help address some common questions, Dharmesh Vyas, MD, PhD, orthopaedic surgeon at UPMC Sports Medicine and Head Team Physician for the Pittsburgh Penguins, answered some of these questions during a recent Facebook Open Wall discussion.

Tip Sheet: Concussion Signs and Symptoms Evaluation

Do you know the signs and symptoms of a concussion? If you suspect an athlete has sustained a concussion, here are some helpful guidelines from Jonathan French, PsyD, of the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program

Stay Ahead of the Game: Concussion Safety and Hockey

To stay safe on the ice and help minimize the risk of concussion, follow these tips.

Patient Story – Hockey Player’s Road to Recovery

Sean, a former college hockey player, is used to taking a few hits. In November 2012, during his junior year at Duquesne University, Sean had his first shoulder injury. With a diagnosis of a dislocated shoulder, Sean began attending physical therapy at UPMC Center for Sports Medicine. Sean and his physical therapist worked on strengthening exercises to help him continue playing.

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Nutrition and Hydration

Portable Performance Plates

Jeff Lucchino, MS, RDN, CSSD, sports dietitian at UPMC Rooney Sports Complex presents Portable Performance Plates, a guide to packing all the essentials for an athlete on the go with minimal time to plan.

7 Hydration Tips for Athletes

Our hydration tips will help you plan the amount of fluids you need to perform your best on and off the ice.

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Sports Performance Training

Train with the Pros

At the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, our nationally recognized experts can help you take your game to the next level.

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