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UPMC: Comprehensive Care for Patients with Liver Disease

As one of the leading causes of death in the United States, liver disease can progress quickly, and patients often require individualized care from the onset of the disease to complications from advanced liver disease and cirrhosis.

Located in Pittsburgh, UPMC offers patients from all over the nation a single point of care for a number of liver diseases. Through the UPMC Center for Liver Diseases, the UPMC Liver Cancer Center, the UPMC Liver Transplant Program, and the Pittsburgh Liver Research Center, we offer comprehensive treatment that can be coordinated among multiple care teams working in concert with one another to closely follow each patient’s care.

Partnering to Diagnose and Treat Liver Disease

Caring for a liver disease patient is not the job of a hepatologist, oncologist, or a liver transplant surgeon alone. Offering complete care requires collaboration between multiple disciplines to treat patients at every stage of their disease progression.

  • UPMC Center for Liver Diseases – Our world-renowned hepatologists focus on medical management for diseases, including nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), alcoholic-related liver disease, viral hepatitis, and complications of cirrhosis.
  • UPMC Liver Cancer Center – For patients with liver cancer, we offer clinical services, innovative treatments, and fundamental research for primary and metastatic liver cancers. In some cases, multimodality approaches that combine several therapies are necessary for the most effective treatment.
  • UPMC Liver Transplant Program – When liver disease advances beyond the effectiveness of medical treatments, liver transplantation can be a life-saving option. Since Thomas E. Starzl, MD, PhD, performed the first successful liver transplant in 1967, UPMC has forged a path to the forefront of the field. Today, as one of the oldest and largest liver transplant programs in the country, we lead the nation in overall liver transplants performed from both deceased and living donors.
  • Pittsburgh Liver Research Center – Pittsburgh is at the forefront of liver research. The Pittsburgh Liver Research Center builds on the strengths of UPMC’s cutting-edge clinical care and the University of Pittsburgh’s leadership in research, discovery, education, and innovation to advance the care of tomorrow.

Collaboration between these specialties allows UPMC to offer personalized, innovative liver treatments that improve and extend lives when other centers cannot.