Two people discussing living donor organ donation at UPMC

Living Donor Champions: A Journey You Don't Make Alone

For someone in need of a liver or kidney transplant, every moment spent on the waiting list is critical. A living-donor transplant may be the life-saving solution to getting him or her off of the waiting list and back to being healthy.

However, asking someone to become a living donor is a challenge and can be an overwhelming task. With the help of a living donor Champion, finding a donor becomes more manageable.

The Role of a Living Donor Champion

A Champion may be a friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone else who is willing to provide emotional support for someone on the transplant waiting list. They can help by taking the lead in finding and securing a suitable living donor.

A Champion's role includes:

  • Finding a live donor in a timely fashion
  • Taking the responsibility of identifying a donor away from the person, allowing him or her to focus on their health
  • Connecting and talking with as many people as possible so that an appropriate match can be found
  • Offering support and inspiration through this difficult journey

Meet Living Donor Champions

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