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David George Binion, MD

Professor of Medicine
Director, UPMC Nutrition Support Service
Co-Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center


  • Gastroenterology

Sub Specialty:

  • Internal Medicine


  • UPMC Shadyside
  • UPMC Presbyterian
  • UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

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UPMC Presbyterian 200 Lothrop St. Digestive Disorders Ctr., 3rd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Office Phone:
(412) 647-8666

MD, SUNY at Buffalo , Buffalo, NY



Board Certifications:


Dr. Binion is extremely respectful and thoughtful, I always leave feeling like I had a worthwhile conversation about my medical situation, I appreciate the time he takes to talk and listen.

Dr. Binion is the most amazing physician. He has saved my life. He has given me a quality of life that I haven't know in many decades of dealing with a serious chronic issue. I have been able to get married and have 2 beautiful boys because of the care of Dr. Binion. Dr. Binion runs late because of the care and compassion that he has for his patients. I wait without complaint because he is a life-changing physician. I am truly devastated and scared of what will happen to my health and life once I am forced out of UMPC when the continuity of care ends in June 2019. David Binion is a superior physician and an outstanding human being. He is brilliant and caring.

Binion is routinely quite late, but I love the guy. He is a shining example of what you want in a doctor.

Dr.Binion is amazing doctor that really listens to the patient and works along with the patient and other resources to help find the best solution possible.

Dr. Binion is truly an extraordinary health care provider. I have seen several other specialists for my condition and none have been able to achieve the results that Dr. Binion has. In my view, his innovate patient centric, research based approach is second to none. I highly recommend Dr. Binion.

Dr Binion wasvery helpful concerning my ostomy wound. An ostomy nurse provided addition aid with recommendations for healing my ostomy wound.

Dr. Binion is easy to talk to about your health issues. No rush or hurry like some doctors are.

Dr. Binion is the best gastroenterologist I've seen, and he excels at explaining complicated concepts related to crohn's and treatments in a way that's easy to understand. I always leave with a solid plan. He's worth the flight up from Orlando.

Dr. David Binion is an amazing provider. He is caring, knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough, and a terrific doctor. I feel blessed to have him at the helm of my gastro health.

Dr. Binion is the best doctor I have ever met. He is patient, thorough, and personable. He also seems very up the date in all advances in care regarding my illness.

it's very hard to get appointments. I couldn't get one even when I was having active symptoms and was post op... BUT... when you see him finally no doctor is more thorough!

I have been with Dr. Binion for several years. He is an outstanding MD who is extremely intelligent and just as kind and compassionate!! He cares for each patient like they are his family. His bedside manner is great too. He has a way of putting people at ease which really helps when you might have to hear some difficult news

very complete. excellent resource on my particular medical needs

just wish he realized that I have 0% large bowel left. My connection is small intestine directly connected to the anus. No colon, non. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which has caused my small bowel anastomosis site to become enlarged and swollen, perhaps mimicking the sigmoid colon- however it is not the sigmoid colon as it was 100% removed in 2013.

Dr.Binion is absolutely the best physician I have ever seen: he is especially careful to absorb symptom reports and side effect reports/make necessary adjustments. He literally saved my life.

Dr. Binion has been the answer to prayer. Fantastic doctor.

I had a GOOD VISIT special tests were ran that day and blood work.

Dr. David Binion is one of the best doctors I have seen. He is kind, smart, patient, honest in a kind way and trustworthy. I can't say enough positive things about him. He cares very much for his patients. I feel safe and very well taken care of. I have a very complicated medical history and he is very much on top of things and helps me to achieve my quality of life!!

He is excellent. by far the most knowledgeable, patient, and deliberate of any doctor I've seen. Brilliant with excellent patient interaction. Cant say enough good.

Dr. Binion spend a long time discussing my illness. He explained info clearly. He listened intently to my issues and concerns. My husband and I felt completely comfortable speaking to him. I am fortunate to have found Dr. Binion and I would recommend Dr. Binion without hesitation. PS Dr Binion's PA, Juliette is great, very empathetic and encouraging.

Dr Binion was phenomenal, he provided everything we could have possibly needed during this office visits. His demeanor was sincere and his caring was genuine, he is absolutely wonderful!!

Dr. Binion is the best GI doctor on the planet. I wouldn't want to even think about going on without him.

I travel 4 hours to see Dr. Binion. I hope that he gives all of his patients the same time and attention that he gives me. His knowledge about my illness and his advice is worth the time and effort to make the trip. I highly recommend Dr. Binion to anyone with GI disorders.


Very knowledgeable, thorough and interested.

Dr. Binion genuinely cares about my well being. In fact, I've never felt so understood by a physician. We are lucky he chose to practice in Pittsburgh.

My experiences with this provider have always been good.

Dr. Binion is the best doctor I could have! He carefully listens to all I have to say and looks at each symptom from all angles and gives me the best possible care for each issue that I have. He is extremely knowledgeable about my condition and all other conditions associated with it and uses that knowledge to give me the best medical advice there is! He has literally saved my life and continues to work to make sure my quality of life is the best it can possibly be.

I travel a long way to see Dr. Binion and it is well worth it. I won't go see anyone else.

Never have I ever had a bad experience with Dr. Binion. He literally saved my life!!!!!

I absolutely love Dr Binion and his team. I have recommended him to family and friends because of the fantastic care he has given me. He always listens and does things in the best interest of me. He's not in it for the money, he's in this job to help people feel better and be themselves again and you can truly tell that.

this was the first office visit within UPMC network that took time to update my medication list so it was accurate. my medications although verified at every visit were not changed in the system. This is a huge benefit for patients and satisfaction of the visit

Dr. Binion is an intelligent and compassionate provider. I respect him and he respects me, he understands how I feel about my chronic medical condition. We discuss the best course to take for my care and he encourages me to call with any problems. I feel connected to his office and know that I am not in this alone.

I travel vastly to get to this doctor. I find him to be extremely helpful and also up in his game with my disease

Absolutely phenomenal care by Dr. Binion since the first time visit more than five years ago, having to travel out of state to receive the excellent treatment that I believe has given me a quality of life that I couldn't have enjoyed without Dr. Binion and the team of UPMC physicians he has brought on to help with my complex medical issues. I truly believe I owe my life to God and David Binion!

kind, understanding and very knowledgeable

Dr. Binion is a phenomenal medical provider. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but he truly takes the time to listen to his patients' concerns. He does not gloss over any information and he understands that ALL aspects of a person's life must be taken into account to provide excellent medical care. Dr. Binion takes his time with his patients, something that many providers do not do; this allows him to both teach his patient and to work with the patient to make a plan of action that will be successful. I highly recommend Dr. Binion to everyone I meet. He is an invaluable member of the IBD team at UPMC. I feel very lucky to be under his care!

Dr binion is a blessing to have in my life. he cares and understands my illness and takes the time to treat me as an individual. his support staff is fantastic too.

he is one of my heroes

i always have a great office visit with Dr. Binion

Dr. Binion is absolutely wonderful!

Dr. David Binion is one of the best doctors that I have ever had the privilege of guiding me through my healthcare plan.

I love DR. Binion

great dr. nurse,s and pa. are wonderful.

Dr. Bunion has been a wonderful doctor. He first started seeing my mom while she was in the hospital and diagnosed with Chris's disease. I like the way he treated her so much, that I wanted to see him too. I called his office and explained that I was starting a new job and they got me in to see him sooner to help get my UC under control. He always knows our histories when my mom and I go see him. He is extremely smart and always treats us so well. I feel like he is the best GI doctor I have ever seen.

Dr. Binion is the best doctor. He is amazing - an attentive listener, a caring person and a brilliant doctor.

Doctor and his staff answered all questions very well.

dr binion made time to see me because my regular doctor was out of town. he is extremely knowledgeable and caring, an excellent dr.

Seeing Dr. Binion yesterday changed my life. He us, hands down, the best doctor I've ever seen. I've had unique and complex medical issue that I always knew we're connected. By asking the right questions, Dr. Binion connected the dots and was able to tell me exactly what was happening in my body. I am beyond grateful to have met him and am positive with his help I will restore my health and well-being.

Dr Binion is the best. Cares about his patients and gives them all the time they need.

Dr. David Binion is a brilliant physician and is extremely compassionate and concerned about my health and all of his staff are exceptionally qualified.

Dr Binion spends whatever time is needed to listen and answer my questions. I fly to see him from Los Angeles at least twice a year. He is the best doctor to treat my condition

Doctor Binion as well as Juliette are extra special. Dr. Binion cares about your overall health not just his specialty. You can speak with him about anything and he is interested and will help you find the answers. I feel relaxed and in good hands with him. Juliette is also very helpful, friendly and caring. I have found no better.

I wish all providers are kind and took the time to listen and made you feel that you are not going crazy with the symptoms that was provided. Providers should learn from this doctor to take time to listen to their patients. Any chance I get I will be recommending this doctor.

I highly recommend Dr Binion. The time he spends with us is so valuable. We drive four hours twice a year for his care and the quality of the time he spends and the care I receive is worth every trip. I have Crohn's and Dr Binion's research is heading towards making great strides in controlling this illness. My family and I have great respect for this man and his work.

Complete professionalism and expertise given each time during my appointments by all of Dr. Binion's staff as well as Dr. Binion. I travel over approximately 5 hours to see Dr. Binion because the care I receive from him is no less than first class. He is a brilliant physician and has turned my poor health around to a new and productive quality of life I never thought I would see again. By referring me to other expert physicians at UPMC, I am well on my way to becoming an active, happy 57 year old patient with a new lease on life thanks to a very insightful and caring physician, Dr. David Binion. I could not put into words what he has done to change my life ( and my families) by helping me gain my health back when told by other doctors I had to just get used to my condition and learn to live with the restrictions. Many thanks to such a gifted Physician!

Dr. Binion is amazing. I'd have him over for dinner if it didn't cross some patient/doctor line.

Dr Benion was the most interested in my e. He is kind, compassionate & made me feel as if I was his only priority. I trust him to know what I need.

amazing care

Dr.Binion is a very kind and caring physician. He takes time for all of his patients and it is worth waiting to see him as he is very thorough in his care and practices with empathy

Dr. Binion is a wonderful, caring, smart and kind Doctor. I feel 100% secure when treated by him. We have open discussions as we together treat my complicated disease. Beacuse of Dr. Binions excellent care, I am continuing to feel better and thriving.

Dr Binion is the best I trust him with my life

Dr. Binion and his Physician's Assistant were great. Past, present and future care were described in great detail.

I am confident Dr. Binion can find the right meds to relieve my IBS symptoms. He is the best!

Dr Binion, Juliette and staff are the very best!

David Binion is the best medical doctor I have been around. He knows more about the subject matter and while explaining things is able to reference specific studies without having to look anything up. He truly cares about the well-being of his patients. I love that he not only prescribes pharmaceuticals but also recommends certain vitamins, fish oils and dietary changes. He has been a perfect fit to me and my overall healthcare team. I would be lost without him and the confidence I have in his expertise. Please pay him whatever it takes to keep him in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Binion is exceptional. He is very knowledgeable and patient, explains things thoroughly, answers all questions, is open to reasonable suggestions. He is also able to maintain an upbeat attitude. This must be very challenging when dealing with patients who are very sick and can sometimes feel angry and hopeless. Thanks to you and your wonderful team for being able to deal with a sometimes grouchy patient like me.

Dr Binion and the staff are the best there is.

Love Dr. Binion. He's a kind, compassionate doctor.

Dr. Binion is the absolute best doctor there is for Crohn's disease! He takes his time to understand your problems completely and to come up with viable solutions to them. His knowledge base is incredible and he never backs away from any issue that is presented to him! He gives me hope and I completely trust him with my life!

very positive experience

Dr. Binion is an amazing diagnostician. He is brilliant, caring and compassionate. He has helped me achieve a level of health I haven't had in 30 years of Crohn's Disease.

Love this doctor. He is very easy to talk to and explains things thoroughly.

Working with Dr. Binion and Juliette is always a pleasure. They are very attentive to my needs, knowledgeable, and concerned with helping me get the best care possible. Every appointment with them thus far has been exemplary.

Dr. Binion takes time to talk to me and ask the questions that although may be embarrassing for some people, need asking for the right care. He treated my mom and was so nice and knowledgeable that I switched to him as well. He really cares about his patients. He even knew who I was just by me being there with my mom.

I come from Los Angeles just to see Dr. Binion, that is just how good he is. He is the best IBD doctor in the world

very thorough, both physician and entire team.

I feel he is the best dr I have ever been to.

Dr. Binion really made me feel comfortable and well cared for.

very professional and complete. researched records and were prepared. I was impressed. Good recommendations for future care.

Dr. Binion is probably one of the greatest doctors out there, not only because he's a great doctor, but he has true, sincere compassion for his patients, and he takes as much time as each patient needs before he leaves the room. Sure, I have to wait for him, but it's worth every minute.

Dr. Binion is simply the best of doctors. I drive 250 miles each way to see him and would not wish to see anyone else. I do not mind waiting a bit if he is running late since he gives his patients the time necessary to thoughtfully consider and help their problems; this is very important. My case is complex and, unlike most other doctors at other institutions, Dr. Binion takes a lot of time to consider all the factors that contribute to my well-being. His level of caring and effort undoubtedly create an overload on demands for his time and response, but any patient will tell you that consequential inefficiencies in office responsiveness are a small price to pay for such special care.

I think Dr. David Binion and his team are wonderful!!! Very caring and sensitive to the needs of the patient. Very Smart and knowledgeable. I feel very safe and comfortable when being treated by him.

Dr. Binion is very intelligent,kind,& compassionate. He is very involved with his pts as well as their families. He takes his time to be sure people understand the importance of their treatment & their care.

Dr. Binion is the best Im 100% his patient and I trust him with my life i couldn't get a better GI doctor!

Dr. Binion is hands down the best doctor, nay, medical care provider i have ever worked with, ever. From his extreme knowledge of his discipline to his casual and considerate bed side manner it is always a pleasure to talk with him and I am confident I am in the best hands possible.

Dr. Binion is the best :).. I recommend him to everyone I meet with digestive issues.

Dr Binion and his staff are excellent. I have referred several people to Dr Binion.

Dr. Binion is the best.

I feel so much more confident about my treatment plan after talking with Dr. Binion. I always learn something new when I see him because he takes his time to explain things to me. It's really helpful because my PCP is not very familiar with my illness and all of the other problems it causes. I am in very good hands under Dr. Binion's care.

Dr. Binion is the most knowledgeable, caring and concerned physician I have ever had. I recommend him to anyone with my disease and fe he has saved my life several times. He is essential to my well-being.

One of the best Doctors I've been to...anywhere! Fantastic listener and diagnostician.

I travel from Charleston WV to see Dr Binion. I have traveld to Cleveland Clinic for 20 plus years for my conditions. I Now only see Dr Binion for my condition. He is the BEST crohns Dr I have seen. I have seen many Drs at Cleveland Clinic and there is no comparison to the level of care and treatment that Dr Binion and his staff provides. None. I am now see other Dr's at UPMC thanks to Dr Binion. UPMC has an asset with Dr Binion. Also I would like to mention Patty that is in his staff. She is the nutritionists. Patty has been there for me when I have problems. She has gone above to help me also. GREAT TEAM.

With Dr. Binion, you can expect a log wait to get an appointment. You can also expect a decent wait at the office the day of your appointment. However, the wait is worth it. He spends a long time with you during your appointment and really listens to your medical history. He allows you to be an active agent in the decision of your treatment plan by taking your personal lifestyle and preference into consideration. He also really believes in doing the most with the least in regards to medications, and he's not afraid to think outside of the box. He's a fantastic physician, and I cannot recommend him enough.

the best care I could ask for

I have always received exemplary care in the past when visiting Dr. Benion's office. On this particular visit, I did not feel particularly listened to. not sure if t was partly from having a student start the conversation or what, but it seemed to be missed that I have always had a good head about my care and eating right. This visit, I got a lot of information that we've gone over in the past and there seemed to be little interest in working with me and the information from my nutrionist, which was frustrating.

Dr. Binion is outstanding. He took the time to followed up on results of a referral he had made at the last visit; explored progress and symptoms of my condition, including review of a CT disc from another hospital; and answered all my questions and addressed all concerns. He is very thorough, personable and has a sense of humor. I have the greatest of confidence in Dr. Binion.

Dr. Binion is the most thorough, caring and brilliant doctor I have ever visited. Not only does he listen to all of my health concerns, he puts all of them together and takes them all seriously when helping to come up with solutions to the problems that I have.