Resident and Faculty Research

Research is encouraged throughout the five-year surgical residency. There is a dedicated three-month research rotation devoid of daytime clinical responsibilities during the PGY-2 year. Residents participate in funded local and national clinical trials.


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Mercy Research Day, May 9, 2012


Burnett L, Awais O, Stahlfeld K. Hypoglycemia and Thoracic Solitary Fibrous Tumor​
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Mercy Research Day, May 9, 2012

Oral Presentations

Awais O. Reoperative Antireflux Surgery for Failed Fundoplication: An Analysis of Outcomes in 275 Patients​
Avery L, Stahlfeld K. The Evolving Role of Endovascular Techniques for Traumatic Vascular Injury: a Changing Landscape.​
Reidy M. Assessment of Platelet Transfusion for Reversal of Aspirin after Traumatic Brain Injury.​
Six C. Transfusion-associated Graft-versus-host Disease: a Case Report and Review of Literature​
Avery L, Stahlfeld K. Management of the clogged feeding tube  now that viokase is unavailable​
Burnett L. Aortic Replacement of Aneurysmal Type B Aortic Dissection​
Copeland C, Stahlfeld K. Two Tall Poppies and the Discovery of Helicobacter Pylori​
Kwazneski D, Stahlfeld K. The Unacknowledged Incidence of Laparoscopic Stapler Malfunction​
Kwazneski D. Video Presentation of a Foramen of Morgagni Hernia.​
Faust N. Financial Impact of Outpatient Burn Services​

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