UPMC Memorial Liver Transplant Evaluation Clinic

UPMC Liver Transplant Evaluation Clinics in Central Pa.

World-Class Transplant Care Closer to Home

Patients with liver disease may face unexpected challenges but traveling for care shouldn’t be one of them. You can now access the world-class expertise of the UPMC Liver Transplant Program at the Liver Transplant Evaluation Clinics at UPMC Memorial and UPMC Harrisburg.

At UPMC, we are excited to provide our high-quality services to patients in Central Pa., and to offer patients a range of pre-liver transplant evaluation services, including:

  • Blood tests
  • Consults and exams
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Imaging scans
  • Ongoing education about living-donor liver transplant
  • Radiology

Education About Living-Donor Liver Transplant?

Living-donor liver transplant presents a viable alternative to the liver transplant waiting list, with improved outcomes compared with deceased-donor liver transplants. Living-donor liver transplants offer potentially life-saving benefits that include: 

  • Little or no wait time 
  • Improved long-term outcomes
  • Quicker recovery time

At UPMC, we believe in the life-saving power of living donation, so we discuss living-donor liver transplant with every patient we evaluate. 

Why Choose UPMC’s Liver Transplant Program?

The UPMC Liver Transplant Program leads the nation in overall number of liver transplants performed from both deceased and living donors. As a leader and early pioneer of transplant medicine, UPMC continues to be at the forefront of innovations that can improve the lives of patients. 

  • We provide transplantation services to all who will benefit, including people who are considered high risk or and may not be considered for a transplant at other centers. 
  • We are one of the oldest and largest transplantation programs in the United States.

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To schedule a liver transplant evaluation, call 833-933-1053 or fill out the form below.

UPMC Memorial Clinic
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UPMC Harrisburg Clinic
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