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UPMC Disabilities Resource Center

Requesting Disability Related Accommodations

Outpatient Appointments

At UPMC, we are committed to providing all patients with quality care and equitable access to health care. If you are scheduling an appointment, let the scheduler know about any assistive devices or accommodations that you may need or, if you have an upcoming appointment, you can contact the office directly.

You can also share disability or accommodation requests in your MyUPMC account.

How to Add Your Disability Status to MyUPMC

To add your disability status or accommodation request:

  • Log in to your secure account.
  • Click on “Health Summary” and then “Health Resources” to input your personalized needs in order to experience the best quality care.

Your disability information will remain saved in your account for UPMC providers to access for future appointments and visits.

Don’t have a MyUPMC account? Sign up by visiting today.  

For questions or concerns about your experience at a UPMC practice not located in a hospital, please call the toll-free Patient Relations Customer Service Line at 1-866-705-7020.

Inpatient Appointments

Whether your hospital visit begins in the Emergency Department or is scheduled, please let a staff member know if you need accommodations (PDF). Please contact Patient Relations if you need further assistance.

If you have a surgery scheduled, tell your surgeon and the surgery scheduler of any assistive devices or accommodations (PDF) that you may need.

Do you have an upcoming hospital stay or outpatient visit planned? If you are in need of complex accommodations, Let UPMC Help You arrange for accommodations ahead of time.


Our commitment is to make sure all UPMC patients receive high quality health care.

Here are some ways we can help:

Contact the UPMC Disabilities Resource Center with any questions, comments, or suggestions related to your disability. We'll work to make sure we meet your needs.

What We Do for People With Disabilities

The Center's staff:

  • Provides education and training to UPMC staff.
  • Conducts reviews and assessments of our hospitals and facilities.
  • Reviews policies and practices on accessible health care.

A critical element of our work is to engage with the disability community. An Advisory Council guides our disability efforts and helps set our priorities.

Give Us Your Feedback

Should a concern about your experience at UPMC arise, discuss it with the involved parties.

If the concern remains unresolved, please call one of our Patient Relations Departments. You may also share your hospital experience with us by completing an online comment card.

We will investigate your concern and provide you with a quick response. Contacting the Patient Relations Department will not negatively affect your care.

For questions or concerns about your experience at a UPMC practice not located in a hospital, please call the toll-free Patient Relations Customer Service Line at 1-866-705-7020.

Section 504 Disability Discrimination Complaints

It is the policy of UPMC not to discriminate on the basis of disability. UPMC has an internal grievance procedure providing for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints specifically for those with disabilities. To engage with the Section 504 process at UPMC, contact the Disabilities Resource Center at 412-605-1483 or email to be connected with the location’s Section 504 Disability Coordinator.

UPMC Compliance Helpline

In the event that you feel you have been discriminated against on the basis of a disability, you may file a complaint through the UPMC Compliance Helpline. UPMC prohibits retaliation against anyone for raising, in good faith, a concern or question about inappropriate or illegal behavior.

The UPMC Intermediation Program

If you are unable to have your concerns addressed through the Patient Relations process, your Patient Relations representative may suggest that you participate in the UPMC Intermediation Program.

This unique, patient-centered mediation program for resolving complex grievances:

  • Gives patients and their families the chance to meet with UPMC staff to discuss the care they received, with a neutral third party facilitating the discussion.
  • Helps UPMC improve communication with our patients and their families.
  • Allows us to transform the care that we provide.

Download the UPMC Intermediation Program brochure (PDF) »

Contact the Center

UPMC Disabilities Resource Center
Forbes Tower
Suite 7015
3600 Forbes at Meyran Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412-605-1483
Fax: 412-647-8401

Email the Disabilities Resource Center

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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