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Medical Record Requests

UPMC has a deep commitment to protecting the privacy of your medical information.

Here are the different ways to obtain and request changes to your medical records:

  1. Log in to your UPMC patient portal account. If you don't have an account yet, learn how to sign up here.
  2. Complete a medical records release form.
  3. Request your records or information from your UPMC physician office.
  4. Request your records from a UPMC hospital.
  5. Request changes to your medical record.
  6. Contact your doctor or hospital. 

Medical Records Release Form

Patients may request a copy of their medical record or ask us to send them to someone else.

To safeguard your privacy, complete and sign a protected health information (PHI) release form.

On the form, you can let us know:

  • What records you want us to release.
  • Where to send your records.
  • What format — either electronic or paper — you want your records.

UPMC may charge fees allowable under State law and the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We do not charge a fee to release medical records to physicians or other health care facilities. There may be a fee to release copies for personal use or to release copies to a third party.

Request Your Records/Information From Your UPMC Physician Office

(which would include Children's Community Practices and/or UPMC Cancer Center offices or from Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services "CRS") 

Request your medical records from your UPMC physician office.
NOTE: This online form is not applicable for UPMC Central Pa. (Harrisburg, Carlisle, Hanover, Lititz, and York) patients. Please contact your physician’s office to request your records.

Request Your Records From a UPMC Hospital

To request your records from a UPMC Hospital, select from the list below where you received services.

Request Your Records From UPMC In Home
Not Affiliated with UPMC Home Health or UPMC Hospitals

Request Changes to Your Medical Record

Every UPMC patient can request a change to their medical record if they believe there's incorrect or incomplete information. 

To request a change, fill out the UPMC patient amendment to PHI form. Then mail it to the proper medical records department. The process may take up to 60 days.

Please note, we may consult your doctor before making changes to your record. UPMC can also deny the request if we deem your record correct and complete.